Excuses People Find When It Comes to Working for Allah [Quote - 966]

Jan 9, 2020

Dr. Judy Kamalodeen

Everybody in this world gets their life, and their time, free from Allah. And yet when it is time to give some of it "back" to Allah, they find all kinds of excuses.

People then begin to portion their time so carefully when it comes to learning Allah's Deen, though much latitude is given to other worldly pursuits. 

And then when it comes to Islamic work, time is even scarcer. 

Fun and games and the trivial seem to be highly valued and pursued, while inertia take over when it comes to Working for Allah: doing what Islam demands of you.

Slothfulness and lack of persistence may be an apt way to describe how so many of us approach our Deen. And that means, basically people are both numb and hyped all at the same time. 

May Allah never make me among the numb. 



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