Faced with a Criminal Coup d’etat, Egyptian People Have God on their Side

Jul 12, 2013

“Allahu Mawulaanaa, Wa Laa Mawulaa Lakum!”

“God is with us and you have no one on your side!”

That was the message that Umar, Radiyallahu ‘Anhu, was asked by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to shout at Abu Sufyan, the enemy general after the bloody battle at Uhad had ended in a seeming standoff between the Good Guys – the Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and his Companions on the one hand – and the Bad Guys, the Unbelievers of Makkah, under the command of Abu Sufyan on the other hand.

The forces of tyranny and oppression represented by the Unbelievers of Makkah, and led in battle by Abu Sufyan, perished 1400 years ago.

In direct contrast, Islam, the divine message of Human Dignity and Freedom, the true guarantor of Liberty, Democracy and Human Rights in the world to all of humanity, that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and his Companions embodied and championed, and did battle in defense of, stands tall today, as fresh as ever, after the passage of a millennium and a half.

There is no other system of thought, belief or behavior – social, political, religious or secular – that can come anywhere close to that record of longevity or success.

Today, on July 3, I address that same message to Egyptian military under the command of General Abdal Fattah Sisi and his corrupt and traitorous cohort of military leaders who brought down Egypt’s first and only democratically elected civilian government in a most vicious, evil and criminal coup d’état.

And, at the same time, I address that message also to all so-called regional and international governments and media that may have played a direct or indirect role in instigating, orchestrating, supporting, condoning or rationalizing this most criminal and evil military coup against Egypt’s lawful government and long-suffering Egyptian people.

To all of them I say on behalf of the ravaged Egyptian Democracy and betrayed Egyptian People:

“Allahu Mawulaanaa, Wa Laa Mawulaa Lakum!”

“God is with the Egyptian People and you have no one on your side!”

It bears recalling at this time that this was also the most cruel, inhuman and sad fate that national and international Forces of Evil in this world had meted out to Iran’s legitimate and first democratically elected government in 1953 under Prime Minister Dr. Musaddeq.

History did not forgive that most dastardly Crime against Humanity. The whole world was turned upside down 26 years later through the Iranian Revolution, the powerful aftershocks of which the world continues to feel to this day.

One of the main criminal pawns of that infamous and criminal coup d’état, the notorious Shah of Iran, betrayed and abandoned by his own friends and masters, could not find even a decent place to die on the face of this earth.

In 1973, the democratically elected government of Dr. Allende in Chile was brought down by another vicious and violent coup d’état by a set of national and international evil forces acting in concert.

History did not take kindly to that Crime against Humanity either. Some of its main perpetrators such as the criminal and blood-thirsty Pinochet were hunted down and punished in their dotage.

It is axiomatic today that both these coup d’états – in Iran in 1953 and in Chile in 1973 – were illegal and criminal to the core.

And now, on July 3, 2013, the same national and international forces of darkness coalesced and conspired once again to produce the evil and criminal coup d’état that brought down the first and only democratically elected legitimate government of Dr. Morsi in Egypt.

This new coup in Egypt is no less illegal, criminal and evil than the other two.

And those who perpetrated this criminal coup, or allowed themselves to be associated with it in any form or fashion, are all international criminals and fugitives from justice. There is barely a doubt that the long arm of International Law and Justice will catch up with them.

Sooner than anyone thinks.

History will not forgive this Crime against Humanity either. History will extract a price from its perpetrators. And it will extract a price from their children and children’s children.

That is why I say to the perpetrators of this criminal coup d’état against Dr. Morsi and his most lawful, legitimate and democratically elected government in Egypt, and to all those regional and international forces and actors who had aligned themselves with Egypt’s military criminals and traitors in this coup d’état through their complicity or criminal silence:

“Allahu Mawulaanaa, Wa Laa Mawulaa Lakum!”

“God is with the Egyptian People and you have no one on your side!”

That means history will judge you harshly and it will not spare you and your children and your children’s children.

You are so deaf, dumb and blind that you did not heed the warning of the criminal coup d’état that brought down Prime Minister Dr. Musaddeq in 1953 – and unleashed a reign of terror on the Iranian People.

Nor did you learn from the criminal coup d’état that overthrew and destroyed the legitimate government of President Dr. Allende in 1973 – and let loose a most vicious and bloody aftermath of atrocities on the Chilean People.

And today, your crime against the Egyptian People – and against the most basic Human Rights of Freedom and Democracy everywhere and against International Law – will not go unheeded or unpunished by history.

That is because the Egyptian People have God on their side as they face this criminal coup, and you have no one on your side.

Don’t you hear the collective voice of the Egyptian People – resolute and resounding – coming over the air saying:

“Allahu Mawulaanaa, Wa Laa Mawulaa Lakum!”

“God is with us, Egypt and the Egyptian People, and you have no one with you”?


I do.


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