Feeling Down in the Time of Coronavirus [Quote - 1007]

Mar 25, 2020

Humans go up and down. Sometimes almost without any visible or powerful reason.

And now, with this menace of the Coronavirus upon us, many people have a reason to feel a little down and depressed. These are the times when we need to reach out to one another and give what comfort and support we can offer.

Given that, we must not forget that life is a precious gift from Allah. We fight for it till our last breath. 

The fact is no one is worthy of anything. It is only Allah's love and Rahmah that saves us and gives us life and hope.

Doing the amazing things so many people have been doing for all these years to bring Allah's word to the world, by helping Islamicsolutions.com, and on their own, they are probably very special people in Allah's eyes. 

Their life and health and wellbeing are valuable for all of us lesser humans and for the whole world.

So living, and fighting for life, in these difficult times, are nothing less than leading the charge for Allah. 

And, in reality, to fight for life, not just for ourselves but also for others, is what life is all about. And it is what Islam is all about too.

That is why the Islamic leader Salahuddin, who reclaimed Jerusalem from the Crusaders, helped the Crusader King Richard live.

Salahuddin was not looking for reward or recognition in this world, he had his eyes focused on reward from Allah.

A most wonderful life in Jannat.


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