Talking a Bit about Our Nafs,
If You Can Believe It! [Quote – 1072]

Dec 6, 2020

I don’t know what I am saying. But if you can believe it, here is how I will put it in words: Whether or not I am able to do a program, and how that program actually comes out, is not filtered only through my own personal limitations, follies and network of sins.

It is not just dodging the bullet of my own Nafs.

It is also a function of the Nafs of the people who are roped into it, in one way or another, for one reason or another.

Their Motivations and Attitudes, the state and level of their respective Nafs, their commitments and their constancy, and their actions, all play a role in it.

So, as I once said, a long time ago, to some of the same people: As You Are, So It Will Be!

That means, in the condition and state, and level of development, your own Nafs is, so will things turn out and appear in the Real World.

World, which in reality, is not even Real.

For, the only Reality is Allah.

As the Qur’an Karim says:

 Dhaalika Bi-Annallaha Huwal Haqqu.

Now go and read the Aayat Karimah — and using our Reader, teach yourself how to read the Qur’an correctly, for, pronouncing the words of the Qur’an wrong is a very serious matter

Innallaha Laa Yughaiyyiru Maa Bi-Qawumin, 
Hattaa Yughayyiroo Maa Bi-Anfusihim.

First, use an Arabic-English Dictionary to figure out the meaning of the words of this Aayat.

Then read as many Translations as you can. 

Do not read any Commentaries of any kind.

Then, sit down, or however you wish, reflect on that most glorious Aayat.

See what happens.


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