For Muslims of the West,
The West Is Not “The Other”! [Quote – 878]

Jan 7, 2018

Muslims of the West — Good Muslims, Allah bless them — talk about “The West” as if this mythical “West” were the Primordial “Other.”

As if the West were The Enemy. The Irreconcilably Different One. As if it were our Counterfoil in every way.

The fact is that The West is none of the above. 

And a much clearer and larger fact is that The West Is Us.

Let me restate this: The West Is Us!

The fact is we Muslims live in the West. We are an integral and inseparable part of the West

And we build and make the West what it is. 

And we love and serve the West as part of Allah’s Creation. And as part of our Domain of Khilafat on Earth.

Also, historically, our blood, in all kinds of sense and ways, from intellectual to physical to cultural to spiritual, and in all other kinds of ways, flows through the veins of what people call The West for the past hundreds of years.

Just as it does through all kinds of places and peoples from Arabia to India to Africa to China to what have you. 

And in more ways than most know or imagine, we have made the West what it is today.

And The West never had a component or partner more sincere, more loving, more loyal, more true and more devoted than us, Muslims.

God Bless Us! 

And God Bless Our Home The West!

We and The West are not only interconnected, we are One and the Same!


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