For My Good Muslim Friends:
A Syllabus of Sorts!

Apr 9, 2016

For My Good Muslim Friends:
A Syllabus of Sorts!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

I know many of you carry a deep hurt over what is happening to Islam and Muslims around the world. 

You all want answers to all kinds of questions that are eating you up, but the answers are not forthcoming.

In despair and desperation, you turn to the Fatwa Crowd. Sometimes for no better reason than the fact that someone close and dear and familiar put you on to them.

And now you are back full circle — all 360 degrees — where you started: in the long Robe/Jubba pockets of the Fatwa Crowd with their mesmerizing looks, bushy beards, strange tongues — usually English interspersed with selected Arabic Expressions.

And the topics they choose to address: as exotic as you can imagine, often the ones given to them by their Masters and Handlers and financiers in various places. 

No, you don’t want me to tell you who or what those various “places” are. You should figure those things out by yourself. 

That is, maybe, where some of your time and energy and resources needs to go: figuring out Who-Is-Who in this world and Who is doing What to Whom and at Whose bidding — and with What likely goal or end or purpose or outcome in mind.

A little bit of serious history will not hurt. You know, real history, written by real people — real scholars of sorts.

Sometimes, plain eyeballing an old-fashion hard-copy map may reveal things you never thought existed.

So, in the pay of who? Or is it “Whom“? These Fatwa Fat Cats?

Governments, would you say? Various governments of the world? Poor people, they have to live too, don’t they? I mean these governments.

Both Muslim and Non-Muslim governments. Muslim governments, in many if not in most cases, supported, if not actually set up by Non-Muslim governments.

Islam, the Qur’an says, is easy. And it does so over and over. 

By extension, living as Muslim should also be easy, right? Right! 

But not when you have “conquered” and ruled the world for a 1000 years. Now, everybody wants their world back.

Forget the minor detail that Islam did not “Conquer” anything. Allah “Opened” the doors of the world for Islam and Muslims.

The word is “Fat’h.” It means “Opening,” not “Conquering.”

Allah purged the entire Arabic language of the word “Conquer.” 

Maybe because he did not want to give an opportunity to people like us, coming in the 19th-21st Centuries after Christ, Alaihis Salam, following our Judaeo-Christian mentors and teachers and guides and Gurus, to corrupt the purity of Allah’s Deen in the Qur’an.

So, it was not the “Conquest of Makkah” by Islam, Muslims and Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, but Allah “Opening” Makkah for them. 

Innaa Fatahnaa Laka Fat-han Mubeenaa!

But that is Allah in the Qur’an, who is up somewhere in the High Heaven, who know how far.

But right here, on earth, our Judaeo-Christian-Western-White Masters and Mentors say “Conquest” of Makkah, and we snap to attention and repeat: Of course, Massah, “Conquest” of Makkah it is!

What else can we expect coming from the Little Boys and Little Girls, pretending to positions of leadership among Muslims, including so-called “Religious” Leadership, and Muslim Organizational and Institutional Leadership, but what their Masters taught them and told them to say — and paid and compensated them in all sorts of ways to say it? 

So, living an easy life as Muslims? Not when you are controlling Prime Real Estate. Folks want it. So, either move over or fight. But when you fight, often all you have is your bare hands. For, the Masters have seen to it that when the day comes for you to fight, you will have nothing but your hands to fight with.

So, how can you have an easy life as Muslims when you are sitting on all kinds of treasures that the world needs and covets? Did you ever think about that?

The way to kick you out and grab your land and your treasures — name these treasures what you will: gold, oil, natural resources of all sorts — is outright military invasions; direct and indirect, total or partial enslavement of people; setting up all kinds of proxy rulers on your lands ranging from Military Dictators to Islamic and not-so-Islamic Kings and Emirs and Rulers; and filling the world with every imaginable distraction and red herring including armies of fake “Imams” and Mullas-for-Hire and Jubba People and Fatwa Crowds. 

And don’t forget all kinds of Little Girls fighting for Female Equality — a most important point God forgot in his hurry to finish the Qur’an.

As for those of you who do care to know, I mean really care, and are willing to invest time and energy and effort in it, maybe, just maybe, here are a couple of things you can look up, several things in fact — just as starters. 

A syllabus of some kind if you will.

What happened to Turkey: 1900-2000.
What happened to “Middle East”: 1900-2000.
The Project for New American Century.
Rand Corporation and the Modernizing of the Muslim World.
General Wesley Clarke and Amy Goodman in Democracy for America Interview.
Occasionally, a peek at publications like Counterpunch.
Iran: 1900-2000.
The Gulf Sheikhdoms and Protectorates: 1900-2000.
Britain and Muslim world: 1800-2000.
France and Muslim world: 1800-2000.
The Balfour Declaration.
The Sykes-Picot Agreement.
Even a book like Orientalism by Edward Said.
And a few other things of that kind.
And there are lots and lots of them around.

That is, when we are unwilling, unable or unequipped to pour over the Qur’an and the Hadith and glean from those two sources all the knowledge and guidance we need. That is when.

And when we have time left over from reading the Qur’an; memorizing the Qur’an; understanding the Qur’an; and as much of the Hadith as we can. And all that sort of stuff.

And, furthermore, when we have time and resources and energy to spare after we are done delivering the Qur’an — Allah’s Message — to every single home and heart in every part of the world that needs it and which one does not.

If, after all that, you all went and did some serious reading up on some of these things that I listed above, and other similar things, you would know where the Fatwa Crowds are coming from and to what drums they are marching.

And toward what purpose.

Who said Islam was not easy? And who said Islam was not fun? 

But you have got to know how to enjoy it.


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