For Slaves Default Is Work! [Quote – 655]

Jan 23, 2016

We are God Almighty’s slaves. The whole world is. As a result, the default position of our life — our existence — is work.  

Sleeping, eating, resting and all else, are part of the perks of working for the most kind, loving and merciful master. Nothing beyond that.

Work is doing what we are designed to do. That is a default position for all of creation. The world operates that way — by virtue of its very creation and design. 

And there are no breaks or work stoppages. It is nonstop work 24-7 as they say. 

Even human life is largely a part of that default mechanism: all systems of human biology are default based in terms of their work.

Death is the name for system failure — crash — when human biological systems have run their course and can no longer function as default mechanisms.

But where human existence rises to the level of conscious and deliberate choice, including the right to rejection, and the option of saying “no,” work is by choice and commitment and acceptance. It is still doing what one is told to do — you “pray” exactly as you are taught — but mediated by a process of learning, thinking, accepting or rejecting.

Life — and work — is hard or easy based on how God makes it.

Easy is what God makes easy. And when he chooses, he makes the hard easy.

Hadith Sharif:

Wa Anta Taj’alul Hazna Sahlan Idhaa Shi’ta!


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