For Those Who Work for Allah:
Some Ideas to Work With

Nov 29, 2016


For Those Who Work for Allah:
Some Ideas to Work With

Dr. Pasha

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We should realize and accept that we are Allah’s People.

Wannabe Ahlullah!

And we are working for Allah. Consciously and with the fullest and most unreserved commitment.

And that means nothing, and no one, gets between us and Allah. And that means between us and our Work for Allah.

Not our health, wealth, name, fame, nothing.

And not our children, parents, spouses, friends, relatives, no one.

Anything short of that is not acceptable and — frankly — borders on fraud. 

Want to call it Nifaaq? Feel free to do so. 

For, that is a topic that must be addressed — and faced squarely — by each and everyone of us in a most serious way. Those of us Working for Allah.

Hazrat Huzaifah, Radiyallahu Anhu, did!

Hazrat Abu Bakr, Radiyallahu Anhu, did!

Each went to Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and said: 

“What am I supposed to do?
I have become a Munaafiq?”

If this is how seriously these greatest among the Sahaabah Kiraam, Ridwaanullahi Alaihim, took this question of Nifaaq, then you and I — and all those Working for Allah — must take it a billion times more seriously.

And think about nothing else every moment of waking life — and also in our sleep!

For, that is how serious this business of Nifaaq is. 

But, at the same time, we should not just sit and obsess with it — even as we must — all the time, but we must get on with our life. Doing what we have to do in the path of Working for Allah.

And that means redoubling our commitment to Work for Allah better and more seriously than ever before.

Allah addresses that topic, the topic of “Munaafiqeen” — quite extensively — right at the outset in the Qur’an: in Surah al-Baqarah.

Aayaat Karimah 8-20 (Surah Al-Baqarah). 

From (8): Wa Minan-Naasi Man Yaqoolu Aamannaa Billahi … 

To (20): Innallaha Alaa Kulli Shayi-in Qadeer!

In Aayat 9, Allah points out that these people are trying to cheat and fool Allah — I know shocking expression, but that is what the word Khidaa‘ stands for:


Therefore, they — or we rather — are trying to deceive Allah!

And they — or we rather — are playing games with Allah. 

They say so themselves — and to others: 

“We are not serious, we are just having a little fun.” 

Innamaa Nahnu Mustahzi-oon.

But they — or we rather — should know the enormity of what we are doing and fully understand who is toying with whom?

And who is playing games with whom?

Allahu Yastahzi-u Bihim!

Therefore, our address in this world should be simple, direct and clear: Fajr on Time.

If the Martians came down to visit us at Fajr time, they should know where to find us. And doing what.

Preferably with no extended After-Fajr sleep bouts. 

Barring serious medical conditions of course. For, Islam is Medicine — in the most modern and most comprehensive sense.

And Islam is also science.

But we must, whenever and to the extent we can, force ourselves to follow the Fajr-and-no-After-Fajr routine.

Till we do that, we are, at best, on probation.

And, don’t forget, Allah is the Ultimate Doctor.

When we get sick, he treats us and provides the cure to our ailments.

Aayat Karimah:

Wa Idhaa Marid-tu Fa-Huwa Yashfeeni!

It may be years, or even decades, before the cure comes. It happened to Hazrat Ayyub, Alaihis Salaam. But the healing does happen. And the cure does come.

As a result, those of us Working for Allah should all be single-minded and we should aim at:

a) Concentrating on becoming better at what we do Working for Allah

b) Constantly teaching ourselves Allah’s Deen. Qur’an calls it Ilm.

c) Focusing on making ourselves better people all the time — Qur’an calls it Tazkiyah in every conceivable way.

And that includes cultivating qualities such as being dependable, reliable, predictable.

And being persistent at what we do.

For ever and ever and ever!

Even when nobody is watching us, and no one would know what we are doing. For, Allah is ever-present, ever-watchful, ever-observant. 

And Allah’s watchful eye never misses a thing, small or big, hidden or manifest.

Ya’alamu Khaa-inatal A’yuni wa Maa Tukhfis-Sudoor!

And, in the end, we all should know that there is no place for us to run and hide, when we run from Allah:

An Laa Malja-a Minallahi!

Except to run back to him:

Illaa Ilaihi!

So, when you decide to Work for Allah, it is a little bit like riding a tiger. You either complete the ride, and do it properly, or the tiger will eat you!


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