Fortunate Muslim — Believer I Mean! [Quote – 563]

Aug 19, 2014

How lucky, how fortunate a Believer is!

Or should we really say how blessed by God a Believer is?

To be able to believe, as he or she does.

And to be able to see, as he or she can.

And to be able to know as sooner or later he or she will.

That not an iota or atom of good he or she does will ever be wasted and go unrecognized and unrewarded.

Nor shall an iota or atom of bad that anyone does go unnoticed and unpunished.

Fa Man Ya’mal Mithqaala Dharratin Khairan Yarah.
Wa Man Ya’mal Mithqaala Dharratin Sharran Yarah.

Does it mean the Bad Guys — whoever they may be — shall have nowhere to run, and no place to hide, no matter how long the rope may appear to be that they are getting from God?

Just close your eyes for one moment and try to imagine how personally comforting and rewarding; how psychologically soothing and calming; and how altogether energizing and empowering this thought must be to a Believer — to a Muslim I mean!

In a world where he or she — a Muslim, a Believer I mean — seems so visibly and so frequently buffeted and slapped around by bitter winds of cruelty, injustice and adversity from so many sides.


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