Four Different Voices, but One Eternal and Immutable Message: No God but God [Quote – 158]

Sep 12, 2010

“Ever heard the expression “Connecting the Dots”? Here are four among the most magnificent dots in all of human history. Let us see if you can connect them.

All right then. This is what everyone knows or should know about the world:

  1. Abraham was a great monotheist, which means he believed in and preached the message of: No God but God.
  2. The First Law of Moses – the First Commandment – was also the same: No God but God.
  3. According to Jesus, the most important Commandment was the First CommandmentNo God but God.
  4. The core of Muhammad’s message to the world also was: No God but God.

May Allah Almighty bless these and all other Prophets and Messengers that he sent to warn, teach and guide humanity!

It seems all these four great leaders of humanity taught and preached the same message: No God but God.

If you were successful in connecting these four dots, you would know they all must have come from the same place – Almighty God – and taught the same eternal and immutable truth: No God but God!” (Dr. Pasha)

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