Four Words that Changed the World! All It Takes Is You!


No God But God!
La Ilaha Illa Allah!


Four Words that Changed the World!
All It Takes Is You!

Dr. Pasha

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God created Adam and from him he created his mate and then he placed both of them in the Garden, telling them not to approach a certain tree. But the devil persuaded Adam and his mate to disobey God. Adam and his mate then repented and God accepted their repentance. God then sent them down to earth to be his representatives – Khalifah – on earth and told them to run their life on earth according to his laws and guidance. 

However, Adam’s descendants soon forgot their true identity as God’s slaves and his representatives on earth and repeatedly fell victim to the trickery of the devil. God then sent messengers to help guide them back to his path. Among these divine messengers were Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and others, may God shower them all with his mercy and blessings.

They all used the simple message of La Ilaha Illa Allah – “There is No God but Allah,” to remind people of their true origin and destiny and to get people to replace the ways of the devil in their lives with the laws of Allah – Almighty God.

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was the last and final link in this great chain of messengers that came from God to guide humanity back to God and to show human beings how to organize their private and public lives according to God’s laws, will and pleasure – the original purpose of their creation. 

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, completely, and forever, changed the world using the same formula of La Ilaha Illa Allah that all the other messengers of God had used before him. May Almighty God shower his choicest blessings upon him and upon all other prophets and messengers!

La Ilaha Illa Allah! No God but God! 

These are, then, the four words that changed the world, as the world has never been changed before or since. These four words – given above, first in Arabic and then in English – constitute the divine formula for freeing humanity from tyranny, bondage, affliction and degradation and for raising it to a nobler and more exalted plane of existence: physically, materially, psychologically, socially, economically, politically as well as morally and spiritually. 

There are two parts – a negative part as well as a positive part – to this divine formula of La Ilaha Illa Allah! The first part – “No God” – is negative; the second part – “But Allah” – is positive. The four words together mean: “No God But Allah!” 

In Arabic language, the language that God Almighty chose in which to house his last revelation, the word “La” means “no.” “Ilah” means any object or focus of adoration. “Illa” means “but” and Allah is the name of God, the Almighty, the one and only lord, God – maker, owner and master of the worlds.

The word “La” is a rejection of all that is wrong with the world, and with human life, even if it is just an idea, practice, belief, behavior, custom or tradition. “La” says “No!” to all forms of corruption in the world, whether it is the corruption of the human body, mind, soul, business practices or political or social life and to all forms of injustice, inequality, oppression, tyranny, exploitation, selfishness and greed. 

It says “No!” to the mad and blind pursuit of personal, group, organizational, tribal, national, racial power, privilege, advantage and domination at the expense of the less powerful, the weak, the timid, the meek, the disadvantaged, the deprived, the voiceless, the less informed, the less sophisticated, the less organized and all those lacking in resources, talent, training and opportunity.

“La” is a rejection of a life and culture of alcohol, drugs, crime, vice and all other forms of sin, deviance, degeneracy, indulgence, waywardness, waste, sloth, excess, selfishness, greed and ostentation, just as it is a rejection of the worship of race, class, culture, country, ethnicity, nationality and wealth. It is also a disavowal of the ignorance, poverty, hunger, disease, prejudice, hate, anger, jealousy, contempt, conceit and arrogance that fill the world.

The word “Ilah” means all things an individual, a group, an organization, a nation, a culture or a society admires, loves, values and cherishes above all else. They are the gods – Ilahs: what the Bible calls the false gods – and masters that own, control, dominate, dictate, drive and direct their life.

“Illa Allah” means “But God.”

It is the positive solution to the problems of humanity, whether at the individual or at the social, collective, institutional, cultural or societal levels. Once human life is cleansed of false gods with the power of “La Ilaha!” – “No God!” – then it is ready to be filled with the light, power and glory of “Illa Allah” – “But Allah” – the one and only God. 

Allah is God – the true and only God. He is the God of everyone and everything. He is unlike anything; and nothing is like unto him. He is free from all taint, failing, weakness, blemish or imperfection. All beauty, power and glory belong to him – and all the beautiful and glorious names.

He sees and hears everything; and he responds to those who call his glorious name. He is closer to people than their jugular vein. He answers the call of those who turn to him in need and in distress. There is no barrier between him and the cry of the oppressed.

He neither tires nor does sleep come upon him. He has neither spouse nor family. He is as he describes himself in his book – the Qur’an and in other scriptures before the Qur’an such as the books that were revealed to Moses and to Jesus, son of Mary. May God Almighty bless them all!

Neither did he beget, nor was he begotten.

And he is the owner and master of all creation, because he is its sole maker, creator, provider and sustainer. Life and death are in his hands; he is the beginning and end of all things; it is from him that all things proceed; and it is to him that all things shall return.

He is most forgiving of those who repent; and he has terrible punishment in store for those who persist in their wrongdoing.

He is also God of infinite love and grace and of boundless mercy and compassion. His mercy dominates his wrath. He provides all life forms food, water and oxygen for their physical survival and sustenance. He created the earth on which they walk or crawl; he created the water in which they swim and which sustains their life; and he created the space in which they fly and glide.

In addition, he provides human beings the means of psychological and spiritual comfort, joy and felicity. He shows them the pathway to peace, prosperity and growth. And he does so within themselves as individuals as well as in their groups, communities and societies.

And he does this using the unfailing, timeless and universal panacea of La Ilaha Illa Allah! The same formula that worked for Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, may God Almighty shower them all with his mercy and blessings.

It was through his mercy, love, grace and compassion that he threw open for human beings the doors of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

The Qur’an points out how God sent Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as a mercy for all the worlds. For, La Ilaha Illa Allah holds the secret to true success and happiness for all humans, both in life and after death.

It is their gateway to heaven in both worlds – right here in this earthly life as well as in the next life, in the hereafter. It is humanity’s pathway to God and his mercy. It is the bridge that connects earth to heaven and returns humans to their original abode of bliss in paradise.

Since it is the love and lure of false gods that are the root cause of individual and collective human misery and tragedy in the world, the solution is to change the world by changing the human condition, based on the light and guidance embodied in the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

No God but God! 

The Qur’an is the divine commentary on these four words: La Ilaha Illa Allah! No God but God. And the life, teachings and example of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, are a living model of how La Ilaha Illa Allah! manifests itself in real life.

Life of Prophet Muhammad – May Allah bless him! – is the beacon light that God set up on earth to invite and guide humanity to the meaning, mysteries, glories and possibilities of La Ilaha Illa Allah! It shows human beings in all ages and places what La Ilaha Illa Allah! really means and what to do with it in their lives, groups, communities and societies in the real world. For this purpose, Allah made sure his life and example were available – in full and public glare of history and for all time to come – for the entire world to see and copy.

The Qur’an is the book that God sent down through his messenger Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to guide and help human beings to come to him. The Qur’an provides a detailed analysis and commentary of La Ilaha Illa Allah! And it shows human beings how to live a good life on earth and at the same time win success after death. It is a fail-safe method and instrument for winning success in both worlds. 

The Qur’an is the last and final book of guidance from Allah to Adam’s progeny on earth. The Qur’an pinpoints all that the human beings need to know to live a successful life on earth – a life based on the wishes and directives of God.

Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is the last and final messenger of God who brought the Qur’an into the world and changed the world based on the teachings of the Qur’an. He taught, explained and showed through example how the teachings of the Qur’an must be understood and translated into practice at both individual and societal levels.

There is no parallel in all of human history for such a harmonious and comprehensive blend of precept and practice over such a wide range of human affairs – a range that extends from the most private domain of human functions, activities and interests to the most public.

The transformation of the world produced by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was so beneficent, so positive and so complete and far reaching that to this day – fourteen centuries after his death – the world has not stopped marveling at it. In fact, the world is still trying to understand and appreciate the true nature and extent of that transformation.

Never did justice, truth, liberty, equality, mercy, compassion, love, charity and service rule the earth with such authority and majesty before or since. 

According the message of La Ilaha Illa Allah, replacing the love of the self and the world in the human heart with the love and fear of one true God eliminates the common fears, sorrows, angers and hates that are the bane of most human hearts. Instead, it fills human hearts with compassion for all.

It does more. It fires up the human imagination with a sweeping passion and commitment for human equality, justice, dignity, freedom and opportunity for all humans, regardless of race, nationality, class or gender. It also diverts one’s personal life away from a path of sin, crime, exploitation, oppression and transgression to the pursuit of virtue, piety, goodness, service and Godliness.

Thus, using these four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah – No God but God! – and using the noble and glorious Qur’an as his sourcebook and roadmap, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, changed the world. And he did so completely and forever. And he did so within a miraculously short period of 23 years.

And he accomplished this seemingly impossible task of shaping a brand new world out of the chaos and confusion that had reigned the earth till his time using an equally impossible-sounding method: the method of limitless love, mercy, kindness, compassion, service, generosity, giving, caring and forgiving.

He was the softest spoken of people; the gentlest of all in his dealings with others; and the most truthful, honest and trustworthy person in the entire society. He never insulted anyone; he never abused anyone; he never refused anyone anything; he never rebuked or reprimanded anyone; he never took anyone to task for any wrong they may have done; and he never retaliated for any personal slight or insult or injury.

Single-handedly, he made the message of La Ilaha Illa Allah! a living personal, social, economic, political and cultural reality in society, in no more than 23 years. And he did so using the method of patience and perseverance, of sustained reasoning and rational discourse, of gentle persuasion and soft expression – of what the Qur’an calls “saying that which is better” – always taking a discursive high road.

Thus, he gave us not only the message of La Ilaha Illa Allah! but also a method to go along with it – the method of La Ilaha Illa Allah! – a method whose beginning and end is peace; a method that is based on compassion and respect for all; and a method that is centered on the noblest of techniques and sweetest of approaches.

Much of the history of the world ever since has been the story of the unfolding of the blessings of La Ilaha Illa Allah! in different facets of human life in different parts, cultures and civilizations of the world. Ever since, the world has moved, inch by painful inch, closer to the ideals of universal human liberty, equality and service to humanity as a central component of service to God.

The tidal wave of human, social, moral, political, legal, economic, scientific and “religious” transformation that he unleashed upon the tribes and deserts of Arabia in the 6th century, swept through the entire world and, after nearly fourteen centuries, it is as powerful and dynamic today as it was when it began. 

With the power of La Ilaha Illa Allah, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, abolished female infanticide; liberated women; and introduced women’s education and widow remarriage. With it as the core of his mission, he restored respect for parents in society.

He earmarked a portion of everyone’s wealth as a right due to the poor, the needy, the relatives and the wayfarer. He made caring and kind treatment of one’s parents, relatives, neighbors and all human beings and animals a central part of faith. No system of thought or belief was at that time grounded so firmly and deeply in such a comprehensive program of social services and community relations.

Nor is there one today that can be said to be integral to the foundations and structure of the original faith or philosophy, not just in summary ideas and precepts but also in a network of detailed methods and practices. The humanitarian, the social, the charitable, the service and the community, the citizenship component and program of his Deen – the message the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, preached and the way he showed – were not the brainchild or handiwork of his followers and admirers on a later date, but a fundamental part of the message that he delivered to the world personally during his own lifetime.

Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, using the message and the method of La Ilaha Illa Allah!, proclaimed lying, cheating, backbiting, defamation and breaking promises cardinal sins, even as he made peace – Salam – a key component of Muslim life and culture and declared a genuine and warm smile to be the barest minimum requirement of a believer’s faith in God.

The model of human life he offered the world as part of the message and method of La Ilaha Illa Allah! was bounded on either side – both at the beginning and at the end – with this profound, matchless and all-encompassing concept of Salam, what you and I so loosely call peace, but which in reality is a repository of every conceivable good and goodness both in this as well as the next world. Every social encounter – every one of life’s human episodes – he said, must begin with Salam: by greeting people, those you know as well as those you don’t know, with the message of Salam.

Nor should you, he taught, neglect to so greet your own self, even when you are alone, when, for example, you are entering your own house – or any other place – all by yourself. He wanted people to invoke the blessings of Salam on themselves as much as they did on all the others they met. And then Salam also is what comes when life ends – that is the cry that will ring out of the lips of those whom God Almighty will bless by awarding them entry into paradise. Wa Da’wahum Feeha Salam, says the Qur’an, which in paraphrase means their claim and assertion in paradise would be Salam.

That is what the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah! do to human life and society: they pack it with peace and Salam – with every conceivable goodness, in every conceivable way. That is why and how Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, used these four words, even as Moses and Jesus, Alaihimassalam, had done before him, to turn human equality into an axiom and into a household word. He set slaves free and made them equal with their masters in human rank and in everyday treatment. And he made humane and respectful treatment of slaves a basic requirement of faith. He said: Feed them of what you eat; clothe them of what you wear; help them in difficult tasks; and treat them kindly.

He gave orphans a place of honor in society. He reformed marriage and social customs. And he abolished primogeniture – the custom of the oldest child inheriting everything and the younger ones getting nothing. In its place he introduced the most egalitarian laws of inheritance the world has known, giving females, for the first time, partnership with males in inheritance and giving a share of the deceased’s wealth to a wide slew of heirs and relatives.

All this in the 7th century! 

That was not all. He also replaced idol worship and superstition with the enlightened worship of one true God. He introduced universal literacy, made education compulsory for all and made systematic observation and basic rationality not only the key to solving human problems but also the preferred pathway to the divine and to addressing the puzzles of the universe.

At the social level, he eliminated racism and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination. He rid society of alcohol, drug dependence, prostitution, gambling, child abuse, domestic violence, cruelty to animals and other major vices and crimes.

On the political front, he introduced, for the first time in history, complete freedom of conscience and of belief and expression. He also introduced the notion and practice of universal suffrage and ruler accountability as part of the foundation of God’s kingdom on earth.

In the areas of economics and finance, he replaced usury with compassionate and interest-free economic transaction at all levels and in all aspects of life. He reformed trade and business practices and declared exploitation and profiteering illegal.

In the domain of interfaith relations, he did something so profound, so advanced and so unthinkable that the world to this day is unable to fully comprehend its true nature and scope. In one stroke, he changed the entire equation of interfaith relationships and dealings from one of dialogue, negotiation, understanding, compromise, accommodation, tolerance and acceptance to one of full and equal partnership for the other side.

He unilaterally – and irrevocably – made Jews and Christians full and equal partners in his own faith along with his own followers, the Muslims. He declared Jews and Christians – Who would believe this? Or when has the world seen a parallel to this, right down to today? – to be a part of the larger community of believers along with his own followers. 

He thus created a new universal fellowship of faith in which Jews, Christians and Muslims were equal partners. He made it plain that no one could be a believer in Muhammad (God bless him!) till that person also was a believer in Moses and Jesus and Abraham and Mary, mother of Jesus. May God bless them all! As a result, no one today blesses the names of Mary and Jesus, Abraham and Moses, Jacob and Isaac, Jonah and Noah, as often and as fervently as do the 1.3 billion Muslims of the world. If that is not changing the world, what is?

And if the world, after the passage of 14 centuries to this profound and unprecedented and unrivalled revolution in religion, is neither fully aware nor appreciative of this change, doesn’t such a world need changing one more time? Doesn’t such a world need being raised to a higher, nobler level of existence where each human being will treat all human beings with the same respect, love, justice and equality that they demand for themselves?

The message and the method of La Ilaha Illa Allah! needed no other miracle, test or argument to establish their credibility in the world. It was for this reason that one part of the world after another threw open its doors for this message and its bearers; and it was for this reason that one people after another throughout history threw open the gates of its hearts, minds and souls to them – to the message, the method and the devotees of La Ilaha Illa Allah! For, the miracle was there from the beginning for all to see.

The same miracle still is around, with its sparkle and power undiminished, if only there were no blinkers in people’s eyes; if only prejudice and hate did not blind our sights or mar our souls; if only our petty fears and insecurities did not turn us into cowards; if only fights over real estate and over worldly possessions did not turn us into slaves of our physical and material passions; if only our greed for power and domination did not turn our hearts into stone and cold steel; if only we had not allowed truth to become a handmaiden to the personal ambitions, agendas and goals of individuals, groups, nations and societies; and if only human beings feared and loved God Almighty more than they loved themselves and feared one another. 

It was Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, who then vouched in the strongest and most unambiguous terms for the inspired origins of the Old and the New Testaments as being rooted in the faith and traditions of the great prophets and patriarchs Noah and Abraham – God bless them! He pronounced Moses, God bless him, to be his brother in faith, declaring his fight for the liberation of his people against the Pharaohs of Egypt as his own fight and as an example for his own followers for all time to come. 

He then set about defending and vindicating the honor and reputations of blessed Mary and Jesus – God bless him – with a passion and with a success that remain unmatched throughout history. And he did it at a time when no one else would do it; and he did it in a way that no one could rival. That is why, today, sadly unbeknownst to much of the world, nearly a billion and a half Muslims all over the world venerate and love Jesus and his mother Mary – may God bless them both – more than they love their own mothers or offspring.

What parallel does the world have to this amazing miracle of miracles? Therefore, let me ask again: If this is not changing the world, what is? When was it that the world was changed in this manner and so profoundly ever before or since? When did the world witness such a profound social transformation in such a short time-span ever before or since? When were the culture and mindset of the people of the world altered so completely ever before or since? And all this, using nothing more than the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah! No God but God! If this is not a real and living miracle, what is?

For those hungry for social change, for those moonstruck for miracles in human life, for those looking for ways to improve intergroup relations in our strife-torn world and for those trying to make progress in the matter of interfaith relations, there is no model more sweeping or successful than this, no miracle greater or more real than this. It is alive; and it is right in our midst – even today, after nearly 1400 years since Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, first promulgated it on earth.

That is the nature and history of the message and method of these four words La Ilaha Illa Allah! No God but God! – the four words that changed the world.

Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, thus, used the power and sweep of La Ilaha Illa Allah! to guide and reform individuals, families, groups, nations and societies. He also used them to reform and reshape culture, custom, economics, politics, science, education and “religion” according to the light and laws of God.

Of course, it was God Almighty himself who did all this – in the Qur’an. But then Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was the man that God chose as his messenger to the world – to teach and guide the world; and to fill the world with goodness and mercy. As a result, when Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, spoke he spoke with direct authority from God. He was the voice of God on earth – for all to hear. He was the personification of the message and teachings of the Qur’an on earth – for all to see.

In doing this, in reaching out in this matchless manner and with open arms to other faiths and their leaders, he made the world of Allah – Allah made his own world – a better place, a more caring and compassionate place, a freer and more equal place, a more open and accessible place, for all. He did all this using the divine formula of mercy contained in the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

No God but God!

Thus, the message and mission of La Ilaha Illa Allah! today remain as individual and personal in their application, focus, sweep and relevance as they are timeless and universal. That means, to this day, after the lapse of 14 centuries, they continue to have meaning and relevance not just for individuals but also for entire societies and cultures.

At the same time, to ensure continued availability of the message and the method of La Ilaha Illa Allah! to the world for all time to come, Allah appointed Muslims to continue the work of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – God bless him.

It then became, in every age and place, the responsibility of the Muslims – followers of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – to work to serve, change and reform the world from ongoing corruption, evil, sin, cruelty, crime and transgression, whether it is in the personal lives of people or in politics, government, science, economics, “religion” or social life. 

Then Allah made it the duty of a smaller group among Muslims to remind the larger Muslim community of its duty. Then he made it the duty of every conscious and caring individual Muslim, male as well as female, to jumpstart the process of change and reform in the world, as best as he or she could.

For, it is through individuals that change really begins, as it did with Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, may Allah bless them all – and as it began and continued with so many other good people before or since. As a result, all it takes to jumpstart the process of change and reform in the world is you – such as you are, wherever you are, and in the very conditions and circumstances in which you find yourself.

And in the ultimate analysis, it does not even matter whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim in the traditional sense of those expressions. For, your commitment to the message and the method of La Ilaha Illa Allah! will instantly transform and exalt you from whatever you are into a true slave of Allah. That is right. You will be suddenly free from all forms of slavery to all sorts of beings and things. This will liberate you from the yoke of all other forms of slavery and subjugation, in the biggest and broadest sense of those expressions. 

You will then, as a free human being, gladly and willingly accept the slavery of one – God Almighty – who made you; who keeps you alive; who provides you everything you need to live; who has full and total control over you; to whom you shall return upon your death; and who will hold you accountable for your deeds and misdeeds during your temporary stay in this world.

It is, therefore, the duty of every one of us to work to serve, change and reform the world using the power and light of La Ilaha Illa Allah! It is our duty to make the world of Allah a better place, a more fair, just, caring, compassionate, equal and hospitable place, for all the creation of Allah – just as Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, did.

This was the purpose for which God created us in the first place: to help humanity run his world according to his laws and to help persuade all others to do the same – to fill the world with a message of love, mercy, justice, equality, liberty and compassion for all. And that was the purpose – to make this world a better place for all – why God Almighty sent down into our mortal world the four divine and everlasting words of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

No God but God! 

These are the four words then that changed the world. There is not a doubt that they will do so again – should that be the will and pleasure of Allah Almighty, as they have done throughout history. And they will continue to do so as long as the world lasts – Inshallah, God willing – as they have done in every age and place. For, it is in the benevolent and eternal shadow of these four words that humanity has always lived and operated in this world.

For, these four words are the only refuge humanity has from its own depravity and depredation; from its own savagery and viciousness; from its own barbarism and greed; from its own selfishness and indulgence; in a word, from the worst manifestations of its own self. That is why God Almighty sent them into this world: to change the world over and over and over again – to make his world endlessly better.

And they did this in the past, and they will do this forever in the future. And they will do this for one simple reason: Because they are God’s words performing their appointed role in God’s world, in the lives of God’s people – human beings of every color and stripe.

All it takes is you! 

But what will this world look like: the new world; the changed world; the freshly minted world that La Ilaha Illa Allah creates? The better world that these four words build? Let me provide here a brief glimpse of such a world – a world built by La Ilaha Illa Allah!

Making the world better means – and it always has meant – helping a society to be the best it can be. It is helping a society to realize its best and noblest ideals. That means every human group, society and culture has a great deal of good in it. It is our job – yours and mine, whoever and wherever we may be – to do everything in our power to help that society or group or culture to move ever closer to a fuller realization and practice of that good.

A better world, thus, is a world where literacy is universal; where every child has the best education; where every hungry mouth is fed; where every sick person has free and easy access to the best health care; and where jobs are plentiful. It is a society where equality is the norm and not merely a cliché or a slogan; where every human being is judged by the “content of their character” and not by the “color of their skin” or the size of their wealth; where justice and fairness flow freely and are the order of the day; where respect, kindness, charity, generosity, forgiveness and compassion characterize and define human interaction at all levels.

It is a world in which traffic flows smoothly; in which accidents are minimal; in which drivers are polite; in which roads have no potholes; in which cars do not guzzle gas or pollute the environment; and in which the best transportation is available to all regardless of race, religion or social class. It is also a world whose air and water are clean and pollution-free. It is a world in which promoting good health and personal well-being for all is considered a fundamental social obligation on the part of all, from individuals to corporations and government.

It is a world in which education is high and literacy is universal. It is a world in which the population is enlightened and tools of knowledge from newspapers to books to libraries and computers and Internet access are within easy reach of all segments of the society. It is a world in which leaders are elected and not imposed; in which leadership at all levels is accountable before the public; in which the government is constantly concerned with the welfare of the people; and in which the citizenry is both fully informed and full of initiative on all kinds of self-help community projects and undertaking.

It is a world in which the press is both free and responsible; in which news is true and opinions are honest, frank and fearless; in which human freedom is an axiom and human dignity a foundation stone of the social order; and in which people with power and money and the forces of law and order are the servants and protectors of the people and not their masters and tormentors.

A better world is a world in which judges are fair, impartial, independent and fearless. It is a world in which corruption is a thing of the past; in which drug and alcohol abuse is a rarity; in which illicit sex is an abomination; and in which marriage is a sanctity and divorce a last resort. It is a world in which God is honored and worshipped and his laws are obeyed; in which priests and pundits, rabbis and Ulema, pastors and clergymen are protected and venerated; and in which churches, mosques, synagogues and all places of worship are inviolate.

It is a world in which torts and injuries are remedied and compensated; in which the strong do not oppress the weak; in which the weak is strong before the law and the authorities and the society and the strong is weak; in which safety and security are the order of the day; and in which a young woman will go freely where she wants fearing no one except God and maybe the big bad wolf. It is a world that does not cavalierly squander its resources; it is a world in which business does not dupe or exploit the unwary; and it is a world in which truth is the golden rule in all human affairs, from the most private and personal to the most public.

It is such a world that the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah! seek to build, and it is our job to work to bring about such a world wherever we live. For, all it takes is you.

If in addition to all the things I have mentioned above, if one could succeed in persuading such a society and such a world to believe in one God the way Muslims do; if one could persuade them to believe in Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, the way Muslims do; if one could persuade them to believe in the Aakhirah – the next life – the way Muslims do; if one could persuade them to observe the Salah (prayers), the Siyam (fasting), the Zakah (required charity), the Hajj (pilgrimage to Makkah) the way Muslims do; if one could persuade them to love the Qur’an and the Hadith and read and follow them the way Muslims do; and if one could do so using the nicest, noblest, gentlest, kindest, loftiest and finest of means and methods, as the Qur’an demands one should, and as the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, demonstrated how one could, then indeed one would have succeeded in establishing the kingdom of God on earth in the fullest and most complete sense of that expression. Without a doubt, such a society would be the best society of all and such a world the best of all worlds.

It was such a just, fair and beautiful society and world that Moses, may Allah bless him, tried to create for the Israelites. It was such a just, fair and beautiful society and world whose advent Jesus, son of Mary, may God bless them, envisioned and foretold. And it was such a just, fair and beautiful society and world that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, ushered into this world using the message and method of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

And it is such a just, fair and beautiful society and world that you and I – whoever and wherever we are – need to work to create using the same four words and method of La Ilaha Illa Allah!

No God but God!

Because all it take is you!


© 2003 Syed Husain Pasha

 Revised, May 10 2003

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