From Cuba to Japan, 
Who Is Minding The Store of Islam?

Aug 1, 2016

From Cuba to Japan, 
Who Is Minding The Store of Islam?

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

If Islam were a store, the question would arise who is minding this store?

The store of Islam?

There are one billion-plus Muslims in this world, I am told. Many of them with all kinds of education. 

Many of them with all kinds of money -- trillions upon trillions of dollars of money.

And many of them with fantastic levels of devotion to Islam.

And many of them with the most wonderful motivation to serve and advance the cause of Islam in the world.

And how many of them spend their life preaching Islam -- and working for Islam, as it were.

But the question is preaching Islam to whom? 

The answer completely floors you. Preaching to each other!

That is who. 


That is who. That is who Muslims are preaching Islam to.

Not to non-Muslims, which is the real challenge, and the real need of the hour, but to their own fellow-Muslims, which is a cakewalk.

That is right. Preaching only to each other, to their fellow-Muslims, that is, and not to non-Muslims.

Even the new converts to Islam do that. These converts put on their "Islamic" clothes and become preachers of Islam. 

But who are these converts -- many of them calling themselves "reverts," whatever that means -- preaching Islam to?

They too are preaching Islam to Muslims.

Not to non-Muslims, who desperately need Islam. But to Muslims, most of whom at least already have some kind and level of Islam.

This is what is going on.

This is a perfect case of racializing and ethnicizing Islam.

And of ghettoizing Islam.

That is what the Muslims are busy doing.

For all too many Muslims -- both old and new Muslims -- Islam has become a cash cow. It has become a career path.

And how many of them, like the Tabligh People, leave everything and go around, all over the world, talking to their fellow-Muslims -- mostly about how to earn some extra reward, by maybe doing a bit of extra prayers. 

And in the midst of all this glut of Islam and Muslims, there are people in Cuba who are hungering to learn about Islam. And there is no one to tell them about Islam.

Or to teach the Cuban people the Qur'an.

And a billion-plus Muslims around the world march on.

A beautiful place like Japan is craving for a new purpose and for a new direction in life. The Japanese people are thirsting for Islam. 

The souls of well over 100 million Japanese are crying out for Islam. They are pining for truth -- and for Haqq.

But Muslims are doing everything except to respond to the call of the Japanese souls and to the cries of the Cuban people for Islam.

Muslims are busy talking to each other -- and beating up on each other -- and preaching to each other, while the world of Allah is burning to ashes all around them.

Who is minding this store of Islam?


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