General Flynn Must Go!

Feb 11, 2017


General Flynn Must Go!

Dr. Pasha

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Gen. Michael Flynn must resign as National Security Advisor to Donald J. Trump, President. There are no two ways about it.

And that is because Flynn asserts the following:

(a) Islam is cancer.

(b) Islam is a cancer that has metastasized and spread to each and every one of the world’s 1.7 billion Muslims.

(c) And that cancer must be urgently excised and cut out from the world.

Simple English translation:

1.7 billion Muslims of the world must be killed and Islam must be wiped out from the face of the earth.

Now, anyone who believes that is ordinarily beyond the pale.

God permits human beings to hold any erroneous, foolish or diabolical views they wish, including the belief that God does not exist; that God has a baby or a family; or God is really a monkey; that women are a “Gateway to Hell”; and that human beings are superior or inferior and better or worse based on the color of their skin.

And the Constitution protects the right of those human beings to be able to express those views, in private or in public, so long as it does not turn into incitement to violence, creating real, present and immediate danger to fellow-human beings.

But from public office holders at any level, national, state or local, better is expected and must be demanded. And Flynn’s views in this respect have crossed all bounds of reasonableness and fairness and balance expected from those in positions of power and responsibility.

As a result, there is no place for Flynn, and for people who share Flynn’s views, in our political and public life. Flynn has no choice but to resign as National Security Advisor.

The fact that there is no widespread moral outrage or political backlash sweeping society today is indicative of the widespread political corruption and general moral bankruptcy of society.

And the fact that Muslims appear generally disconnected from this reality, even though that reality is sitting on them like the Rock of Gibraltar, is because Muslim leadership is in part corrupt and sold-out and in part naïve and incompetent.

And Muslim masses by and large represent what a Hadith calls Ghuthaa’ ka Ghuthaa-is Sayil, which means utterly useless, worthless, weightless, purposeless and directionless existence.

As a result, while everybody is talking – and protesting – about everything, nobody is saying anything about the outrageous views on Islam and Muslims held, expressed and advocated by one of the most visible faces and prominent and important figures in American national government, General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor.

The fact is, President Trump and America are ill-served by a man of Flynn’s outlook on the world.

As of now, President Trump deserves better than what Flynn has to offer him. America certainly deserves better and of a much higher caliber.

As for Islam, Islam is no cancer. To the contrary, Islam is a pure and perfect blessing from the Maker of the Worlds to All the Worlds that he created.

Wa Maa Arsalnaaka Illaa Rahmatan Lil Aalameen!

And on top of that, Islam is a cure and a remedy from God almighty for all human ailments, cancer and everything else.

Qad Jaa-atkum Mawu-izatun Min Rabbikum,
wa Shifaa-un Limaa Fis Sudoor!

And so far as Muslims are concerned, Muslims are not a cancerous growth in the human body, such as Muslims are, and no matter how bad or ugly or problematic they are.

Muslims are just a bunch of foolish, naïve, bungling and incompetent people, many of them, like everybody else in this world. For, that is how most human beings are in this world today and that is how they always have been.

Ask God and he will tell you in the Qur’an:

Yaa Hasratan Alal Ibaad!

Or ask Shakespeare and he will get Puck to tell you in A Midsummer Night’s Dream:

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”

And on top of that, many Muslims are also an aggrieved bunch. Muslims writhe in unspeakable agony and pain, given all the abuses, falsehoods and slanders that get hurled at and about them with total impunity and accountability, by everyone everywhere, with regard to everything that Muslims cherish and honor and hold dear and sacred.

And given all the abuses and injustices that are perpetrated against them almost on a daily and hourly basis by all and sundry, from raining death on their heads to invasion and plundering of their lands and resources and wealth and indiscriminate killing and maiming of their men and women and children using one excuse or another.

And yet, in spite of all this, Muslims of America and Europe and the UK and the Caribbean are not summer soldiers and sunshine patriots, to use the words of Thomas Paine, I guess, when it comes to defending the best interests of the lands they inhabit and the people in whose midst they live.

Nor are Muslims traitors to the lands of their birth or adoption. Nor are they a fifth column among the people with whom they share that land.

In fact, Muslims are, and always will be, among the most trusted patriots and the most complete citizens these societies can possibly find today or imagine tomorrow.

For, when it comes to serving their fellow-man (to borrow a Judeo-Christian expression), Muslims, as the Ad says: Do Answer to a Higher Authority.

They answer directly to God.

Muslims do answer to God Almighty when it comes to doing their national and patriotic duty to their people – people in whose midst they live, Muslim or not – and to the lands on which they live.

So, where God and Country are concerned, nobody does it better than the Muslims.

If only Muslims had the right kind of competent, sincere and true leadership that they need – and the world needs.

As a soldier, Flynn would understand this, and maybe someday even be able to appreciate this.

Again, provided he is able to find the right facts and the right analytical tools that would allow him to make better sense of Islam and Muslims than he is able to right now.

In the meantime, it is time for General Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor, to go.

A man with his views has no place in our political, national and public life.


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