Ghaza vs. Pakistan vs. Egypt

Mar 3, 2024

Ghaza vs. Pakistan vs. Egypt

February 1st 2024

So, there, I said it finally. I mentioned the P-word, about using which I had put a personal taboo on myself for the longest time.

And then, hey, if I can talk about Pakistan, why not also about Egypt? Another big, stalwart Muslim nation or country or society, whatever your preferred terminology is.

Muslims of the world are sickened, heartbroken and outraged at the Genocide of the Palestinian People right before everyone’s eyes: on TV, in newspapers and in Social Media of every kind and description.

And rightly so.

As are a countless number of non-Muslims of every faith and denomination.

They are all out in large numbers protesting these mass killings of women and children and others in every town and city around the world.

But Truth cannot be selective. And Justice is the birthright of all.

What puzzles me is this: 

How many of these same Muslims know the Truth about what is going on in Egypt for example? 

Do Muslims know, or did they ever bother to find out, that in Egypt it has been a succession of one Military Dictatorship after another, ever since 1953?

And do they even care?

And how many of these same Muslims know the Truth about what has been going on in Pakistan since its creation in 1947?  

And how many Military Dictatorships Pakistan has had throughout its life, starting with 1947?

And if you tell me all this has nothing to do with Islam, then I will have to ask you from what Flea Market or Pawn Shop you bought your Islam from?

I could even ask a rather rude question such as: What Really Have You Been Smoking Lately? But you know I cannot ask a Muslim that kind of question!

But don’t you think, if you are a Muslim that is, you should give these things some thought?

And what is your answer, Muslims? 

Every Single One of You!

Just where do you stand on what is going on in broad daylight in Egypt and in Pakistan?

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