Give them Half a Chance, Muslims Will Run & Hide [Quote - 811]

May 6, 2017

Half a chance they get, Muslims will run and hide. They will always try to find the easy way out. 

They will be constantly looking for an escape route.

Not because they are bad people. But because they are people. Just people.

Because they are Human Beings, plain and simple.

And as humans, that is part of the mysteries of their nature. That is the way their God made them as people.

Our job, therefore, is to chase after Muslims. We must not let Muslims escape. And we must not let Muslims rest or doze off.

We must challenge and rattle them.

Just like the Qur'an does. Every step of the way.

"Don't you, Can't you see?" 

The Qur'an demands.

A-Fa-Laa Tubsiroon?

"What, your hearts have padlocks on them?"

The Qur'an taunts and teases and admonishes and prods and challenges and throws down the gauntlet.

Am Alaa Quloobin Aqfaaluhaa?

Therefore, we must keep after Muslims -- for as long it is decent, honorable and legal to do so. 

Within those universal parameters of what the Qur'an calls Ma'roof, we should not let Muslims get away -- or rest or slack off.


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