God Bless Canada!

Dec 19, 2015

God Bless Canada!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)

When God Almighty wants to bless a people, he gives them good, honest, honorable leadership.

Such leadership, as much as anything else, is characterized by integrity and a serious commitment to uphold truth, justice and fairness in society.

And often, these things happen without notice.

Barely months ago, who would have thought Canada would be so decisively turned around from the path to darkness on which its previous leadership was driving it. Evidently, while the devil appeared to be firmly in the saddle, God had other plans for Canada.

Out of nowhere as it would seem -- Read: with direct intervention from God -- Canada made an abrupt U-Turn to a more compassionate, just, fair and altogether more honorable path. One more in keeping with the more humane and civilized traditions that the world once used to associate with Canada and its people.

In these troubled times -- and in human history, as per the testimony of the Qur'an, which times are not troubled times? -- how wonderful it feels as a Muslim to be able to say: God Bless Canada!


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