God Is Not Someone You Can Speculate About!

Mar 3, 2018


God Is Not Someone You Can Speculate About!

Dr. Pasha

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Over several thousand years, great philosophers – Jewish, Christian, Muslim, everybody, even though I do not think Hindus and Buddhists quite fell into that trap – wasted a lot of time and effort pursuing that mirage: Find “proof” of some kind for the existence of God.

Buddhists at times simply denied that there was a God. And Hindus more or less ended up arguing that God is whatever you say it is.

If these great minds and spirits knew anything about God, and they did, they should have known that God is someone for whom there is, and there can be, no proof.

And that is because God is not a mystery to be unraveled through persistence and diligence. God is not a puzzle to be solved by human intelligence. God is not a mathematical equation to be worked out on a blackboard.

And God is not a new particle to be predicted by scientific theory or discovered and “proved” through experimental research.

God is God. And there is nothing like God.

And God is not like anything we know or can see or can possibly imagine.

That is what God himself says in the Qur’an – about himself. And that, may God forgive me for saying this, makes a lot of sense.

And what the philosophers did and said does not make much sense.

And that, the testimony of the Qur’an I mean, is the closest any human being can ever come to knowing or understanding God.

The Qur’an says about God – very clearly:

Layisa Kamithlihee Shayi’.

“There is not a thing like him.”

And the Qur’an says elsewhere – a little bit more enigmatically:

Laa Tudrikuhul Absaar.

“Eyes cannot grasp him.”

And the Qur’an describes God as “One”: Al-Ahad. Pretty much the same way the First Commandment in the Bible does:

No God Besides God.

And the Qur’an further says, God is entirely self-sufficient and God is dependent on no one and nothing: As-Samad.

And the Qur’an also asserts: God has neither parents nor offspring, nor mate nor companion.

Thus totally negating the Christian and other similar Lore of God having a Begotten Son, or there being a Son of God, or a Mother of God, before and during the advent of the Christian Religion as it was structured and modulated by the teachings of St. Paul.

Paganism, whether Greek or Roman, Babylonian or Assyrian, took these beliefs for granted, and Pauline Christianity inherited it in full, that God had a “Son,” and there was a Madonna, Mother of God, and so on.

None of these things the Christian Religion invented on its own. It simply copied what everyone else was doing and saying at that time.

The Qur’an, thus, lays out the alternatives clearly for People to choose from. It is now up to the People – and that means Each Individual Human Being, Male as well as Female – must decide for themselves which alternative to choose: God or no God, and what kind of God.

On the one side, there is the alternative that the Qur’an presents of God: a God Unlike Anything and Anyone.

On the other side, there are all kinds of other alternatives: a God that looks like a cute young man with shoulder-length blond hair and sad blue eyes.

Or a God that looks like a woman with mouth and teeth dripping blood.

Or simply a God that is the image of a half-clad, disheveled old man with an extended finger floating around in space looking for someone to touch?

It was not for nothing that the Bible specifically and categorically forbade people making images of anything in land, water or air and worshipping it. That is the Second Commandment in the Bible.

But the Christians went ahead and did it anyway. They abolished the Second Commandment and filled their churches – and their worship and their lives – with every conceivable icon and idol and image that they thought was somehow a likeness of God.

That is why Islam came and gave people a choice – a clear choice. For, that is what human life was all about, the way it was meant to be: for each person to make up their own mind about God, after careful thought, deliberation and investigation.

And not to be led by their noses like sheep by their Professional Priests, Rabbis and Mullahs.

And every choice people make in this world, about God or about anything else, leads to a very specific set of consequences and outcomes: both for themselves and for the rest of the world. History – march of time that is – provides the most clear and powerful testimony in this regard.

Wal Asr!
Innal Insaana Lafee Khusr!


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