God’s Slaves, But “Masters” of the World?

Jun 24, 2024

God’s Slaves, But “Masters” of the World?

Dr Pasha

Jum’ah Khutbahs are Allah’s gifts in our hands. And this Ummat manages to misuse and abuse them for the large part. But Allah does what he does. Allah uses whom he wants how and where and when he wants.

It is his world, He runs it the way he chooses. And no one can question him.

For, God is the one whom you cannot question. You and I can and will be questioned. It is our job to answer and to explain: What we did and why we did it.

To Allah and to Allah’s Agents.

Human Beings — Adam’s Children — are Allah’s Agents on earth. They are Allah’s Representatives on Allah’s Earth. They are Allah’s Khalifah.

Muslims as well as non-Muslims. They are all Allah’s Khalifahs.

On the one hand, they are his Slaves. On the other hand, they are his Representatives.

Whether they see this or not. And whether they accept this role or not.

If they accept this, they are Muslims. If they reject this, they are Rejectors: Kaafirs.

So, Allah does not have to explain anything. He just does what he does and what he pleases. That is because he is God.

The CEO over and above all CEOs.

Everyone must answer to him. And explain to him. He owes no answers to anyone.

Wa Laa Yus-alu Ammaa Yaf’alu, Wa Hum Yus-aloon.

These are things that need to be said and shared.


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