Hadith Is the Only True History in the World [Quote - 929]

Jul 16, 2018

There are times when to be a Muslim is to be a stranger in one's own land. And among one's own friends, relatives and people. For, that in many ways is the nature of Islam. 

That is the basic nature of TruthTruth often has few friends in this world.

The fact is, Islam came into this world as a stranger. Ghareeb is the word the Hadith Sharif uses. 

The words of the Hadith, if I recall them right, are:

Bada-al Islamu Ghareeban.

Islam started out as a Ghareeb: as a stranger; as an alien; as a foreigner; as an outsider; as an unfamiliar entity.

And here is the other part of that same Hadith Sharif"Islam shall return to being a Ghareeb." 

Islam shall become a stranger, in our midst, one more time; or from time to time; or at the end time, when the world is about to end.

When that happens, Islam shall have few friends. It shall have few among people who will be able to recognize its true contours and dimensions; and understand them; and articulate them; and stand up for them, champion them and defend them. 

Here is how that same Hadith Sharif phrases that notion:

Wa Sa-Ya'oodu Kamaa Bada-a.


"And Islam shall return to how it began."

What a Hadith! Allahu Akbar!

Like all the most glorious Ahaadeeth -- plural for Hadith. Each and every one of them.

The world has no literature like the Hadith. And certainly no better or more authentic or truthful or accurate account of any period or culture or time or individual or group or nation or society or event in the world.

Hadith is the only true History that exists in the world. While all that the world refers to as History is guesswork and speculation and patchwork of truth and non-truth. 

Hadith is the only true eyewitness and participant account of historical reality. While that which we call History is generally a hit-and-miss account of things by individuals three, four or ten times removed from reality.

And there are still people in this world who question whether Islam is true and that it came directly from Allah -- God Almighty?


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