The Hard-Easy Business of Working for Allah — 
With Shaitan in Hot Pursuit [Quote – 652]

Jan 16, 2016

This business of Working for Allah is hard. It is only easy when Allah makes it easy.

And Allah has.

Wa Laqad Yassarnal Qur’ana Lidh-Dhikr!

But the trouble comes from within us: from our Nafs. When Shaitan warns us at every turn: “Beware!” 

“Beware,” says Shaitan, “You run the risk of losing something worldly if you Work for Allah.”

“And if you work too, too hard for him.” 

“So, protect yourself. And go easy!”

“Pace yourself,” says Shaitan.

“There are other things in life than Working for Allah,” says Shaitan.

And this Voice of Warning comes from inside us — from our own Nafs

It comes from the Shaitan who races in our veins like blood.

So, all too many people fall prey to it. Easy prey! Without too much resistance.

They get rattled by that voice coming from inside them. 

They get fooled by Shaitan.

And they give up. And they run and hide. And they begin to play hooky with Working for Allah

They play truant.

And then Shaitan manifests himself. He drops his disguise and comes out in the open.

He drops the veil and shows his face.

And then people try to wake up with the shock of meeting Shaitan face to face. They then try to shake Shaitan off. 

They try to run. But they cannot.

It is too late.

Shaitan  is now all over them. And he has them at their mercy.

Shaitan now has control of their life.

And of their destiny!

Allah’s warning now comes true. And it is now out in the open, for everyone to see — with the naked eye:

Laa Yaftinannakumush Shaitan …!

Don’t let Shaitan fool you, the way he fooled your parents — Adam and his mate.


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