Allah and Nothing Else! [Quote – 1059]

Sep 6, 2020

Attempting a Broad Paraphrase of an Aayat Karimah that Defies All Attempts at Translation and Paraphrase!

Aayat Karimah: 

Surah Tawubah, Surah 9, Aayat 129:

Hasbiyallahu Laa Ilaha Illaa Huwa,
'Alayihi Tawakkaltu,
Wa Huwa Rabbul 'Arshil 'Azeem!


All I have is Allah!
And Allah is enough for me. 
I neither need, nor want, nor desire anything or anyone other than him.

Laa Ilaha Illaa Huwa:

No one other than him has any power or control or authority of any kind
over my life or over anything else.

'Alayihi Tawakkaltu:

I have left all my affairs in his hands, 
and I have handed all my cares, concerns, problems and worries to him.

And I totally and fully, and without any reservation of any kind,
trust him to handle all my affairs, and solve all my problems, 
and address all my issues, worries, cares and concerns in the 
best possible way in which they all could be addressed, handled, 
resolved, remedied and set right.

Wa Huwa Rabbul 'Arshil 'Azeem:

And he owns, controls, runs and manages a very large establishment.


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