Here Comes Trouble [Quote – 482]

Jan 23, 2014

Now, don’t hold me to any of this. But I have to say what I have to say. Someone has to, don’t you think?

Muslims compulsively, and in many cases without the least idea what they are doing, hate Karl Marx, the German ideologue, whose philosophy inspired the bloody Russian and Chinese revolutions and caused Communism to mushroom up everywhere around the world.

It is attributed to Marx that he said that “Religion is the opium of the people.” Of course, you are on your own in verifying and validating this quote.

But what I am trying to say is that no one condemns this thought by Marx more vociferously than Muslims. However, what many Muslims don’t take the time or the trouble to realize is that they – I mean Muslims – are among the most OD’d people in the world on that opiate, on “religion,” I mean.

Poor Muslim!

When do they ever study the great thinkers and revolutionaries of the world — no matter what their religion or affiliation or political leaning? And whether or not they agree with them?

That is how opaque, common and colossal is the state of Muslim ignorance around the world: whether it is about their own “religion,” or about the world in which they must live and practice their “religion.”

Most Muslims don’t even bother to ask if Islam is even a “religion” to begin with, as the world knows and understands that term “religion.”

That is what overdosing on a drug like opium would do to anyone: Numb them to themselves as well as to the reality around them.

And when it comes to reality, take it from me, no one has a more frayed or fragile sense of reality than Muslims.


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