Here Is Some of What Islam Gave the World

May 17, 2014

Here Is Some of What Islam Gave the World

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)

  • Islam gave the world Democracy.
  • Islam gave the world “Religion without Priests.
  • Islam gave the world Female Liberation.
  • Islam gave the world Universal Education.
  • Islam gave the world a Culture of Cleanliness.
  • Islam gave the world Interest-Free Lending.
  • Islam gave the world Perfect Human Equality.
  • Islam gave women a share of their Family Inheritance.

What did I leave out? Did I leave out anything?

No? I did not leave out anything? Great, Mashallah!

Now, let me see if I can restate some of these same things a bit differently.

  • Islam abolished Kingship.
  • Islam abolished Priesthood.
  • Islam abolished Illiteracy.
  • Islam abolished Usury and Interest.
  • Islam abolished Female Bondage.
  • Islam abolished Gender Discrimination.
  • Islam abolished Racism and Sexism.

It is time, don’t you think, the world recognized the debt it owes Islam? 


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