Hiding in Islam from Islam [Quote – 315]

Nov 14, 2011

“I have, I am sure said this before, and I want to say it again: My friends “Good Muslims” hide in Islam from the harsh Muslim reality that surrounds them.

 In other words, they hide in Islam from Islam.

 Sometimes, they simply dive into the nearest Masjid and busy themselves in what they say is ‘Ibaadah.

 Little do they realize that the biggest ‘Ibaadat in life is taking a good and searching look at the world of Allah as it envelops them from every side and then trying to do everything in their power to fix the mess in which that world finds itself.

 That is Islam.

 And there is no bigger Fard than that.

 As for Farz Namaz, how long does it take an average “Good Muslim” to do their Farz Namaz?

 The question is, what do “Good Muslims” do once the Farz Namaz is over and done with.” (Dr. Pasha)


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