Home Financing Across the Oceans

Aug 9, 2017


Home Financing Across the Oceans

Dr. Pasha

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Here is what I wrote to one of the "Islamic" Finance outfits overseas: 

"Assalamu Alaikum!

Are you doing any kind of House Financing? 
Providing loans for purchase of homes?


And that was a follow-up to a mail I received from them in my In-Box. And that mail read as follows:

"Subject: RE: Special Offer
As-Salaamu 'Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

JazakaAllahu Khayran for contacting XYXYX to apply for Qard Hasan scheme, where we provide 100% interest-free loans.

XYXYX is a debt charity committed to eradicating the root cause of debt poverty and financial hardship through interest-free loans, debt advice and financial education on money management and the destructive nature of interest. Unfortunately we do not offer loans for Home Finance due to our limited funds. We understand your situation that you are going through and In’sha’Allah Allah make it easy for you and remove all hardships. We really want to help everyone in every situation but as we are registered with charity commission therefore we have to follow the company’s policy and charity guidelines.

Our income is powered by donors and the money we receive we give out to those individual who are really struggling to pay their debts and support their families i.e. basic needs. It would be really appreciated if you let people know about XYXYXYX and donate to XYXYX. For more information about XYXYX and how to donate please visit our website www.XYXYX.com.

As much as XYXYX would like to help everyone in financial difficulties, unfortunately we have limited funds available and as such we are unable to accept applications for:

  • Insurance
  • Car Finance
  • Hajj or Umrah
  • Student Finance
  • Business Finance
  • Home Finance or Home Improvements
  • Extravagant spending including weddings
  • Money to be sent or used outside of the UK

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call XYXYX

Jazak'Allahu Khairan


It was a mixture of feelings getting that response from them. Joy, someone was at least saying Assalamu Alaikum the old fashioned way. And not writing "AA" and all that fancy stuff so many modern but misguided Muslims use.

More joy that they wrote to you immediately.

But a bit of puzzlement at their form reference to some imaginary financial distress someone was going through, namely, myself, which by the Grace of Almighty Allah I am not.

Needless, that form letter is in serious need of revision.

I have known them a long time, these folks who wrote the letter. Good people -- generally speaking. Allah bless them.

Here is what I wrote back in turn:

"Assalamu Alaikum,

Once again, thank you for starting with Salam.

And for not using Cryptograms like AA and WAA and what not, as so many foolish Muslims have started to do.

And for making your form letter sound almost personal.

No, I am not in any financial distress, Alhamdulillah. Mine was a simple inquiry, albeit in two parts: Do you do home financing and do you do that in the US?

I am grateful for your response and it is nice you are holding on to some of the ways of Islam.


Dr. Syed Husain Pasha


This whole thing about Islamic Finance, Halal Food and all that has been another trip for Muslims -- away from their true journey to Islam and Muslims in America and the world. And away from their true priorities in life.

And a way for a lot of folks to build a career and make some easy money off Muslim naivete.

I was there. Right at the outset. So, I know.

I know the background of these developments, and I could read the outward signs and actions and consequences of the actions individuals and groups took, even then, even though only Allah knows the condition of people's hearts.

And I know, from the outset, many of the actors and players in the field. 

So, my reaction is quite well thought-out. Whether or not I am right is for history to judge -- and for truly knowledgeable and fair and truthful Muslims. 

And if I am wrong, may Allah forgive my error!


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