How Allah Facilitates Things -- For All [Quote - 728]

Sep 6, 2016

Some of us plod along on the often lonely path of Working for Allah, while the rest of us linger -- and tarry.

And take a break -- and rest.

And slow down.

And get busy with other pressing demands of life.

Or just plain get distracted and lose focus.

But the reality is, it is Allah's blessing and bounty that he gives to whom he wants.

As he says it himself:

Dhaalika Fadlullahi Yu'teehi Man Yashaa'.

As they say in America: There is no fighting City Hall!

The fact is, Allah makes some folks move along and some others linger -- and fall behind. 

While all the time we think it is us. It is not. 

It is him.

A lot of times, he just facilitates what we want -- what is deep down inside us -- giving everyone the object of their desire.

Helping both sides!

Kullan Numiddu Haa-ulaa-i Wa Haa-Ulaa-i.


"We lend a helping hand to everyone,
These, and those others."

Allahu Akbar! What an Aayat!

How simple and plain. How clear and lucid.

And yet how powerful and profound.

And how frightening!


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