How Good People May Do Bad Things [Quote – 570]

Aug 28, 2014

People — often Good People — do Bad Things in all kinds of Bad Ways.

Sometimes, good people do bad things just by doing them.

Sometimes, they do bad things by not doing the good things they must be doing.

Sometimes, they do bad things by saying or speaking — using all forms, tools and techniques of communication — bad things.

Sometimes, they do bad things by not speaking or saying the good things they must be saying.

Check this out:

Man Sakata An Haqqin Fa-Huwa Shaitaanun Akhras.

And check this out in the Qur’an:

Kaanoo Laa Yatanaahuuna An Munkarin Fa’aloohu.

Let me give here just one example that I never use.

The whole world condemned the most disproportionate use of force the most powerful state of Israel used recently to perpetrate some of the most terrible atrocities on the tiny Gaza Strip most densely populated with children and women and in the process killing countless children and women and civilians. 

And now go and make a list of all those Muslim governments, rulers, countries, leaders, organizations and others who did anything to stop that.

And those who said anything to stop or condemn that.

And those from whom not a squeak or a peep was heard.

Then ask if they are some of the people in this world — Muslims — who are in Bed with the Devil.

So, that is how some people do bad things: 

through action and inaction;

through speech and communication; and 

through equally wicked, evil, culpable, criminal silence in the face of injustice, oppression and some of the most terrible wrongs and atrocities known to man.


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