How Little We Know or Understand Shaitan!

Jul 19, 2016

How Little We Know or Understand Shaitan!

Dr. Pasha

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As God-Fearing, Humanity-Loving, Jannat-Seeking, World-Serving Muslims pick their way through the meandering pathways of life, they are called upon to be wary and on the alert – all the time and in every way.

For, Shaitan is lying in wait for them.


And every step of the way!

And at every corner!

And Shaitan is after them – all the time:

  • chasing them from behind;
  • lying in wait for them in front;
  • attacking them from the left;
  • attacking them from the right.

Hear Shaitan say it himself:

Thumma La-Aatiyannahum:

Min Bayini Ayideehim,
Wa Min Khalfihim,
Wa ‘An Ayimaanihim,
Wa ‘An Shamaa-ilihim.

Wa laa Tajidu Aktharahum Shaakireen

(Surah Al-A’raaf, Aayat 17).

That is the declared strategy of Shaitan – according to the Qur’an.

And, don’t forget, all the time Shaitan is racing through your own veins like blood.

And that is from a Hadith Sharif.

And Shaitan’s approach seems to be:

If I don’t get you in big things, I will get you in small things.

And vice versa.

And if I don’t get you today, I will get you tomorrow.

And I will get you one way or the other.

I will get you by stoking your rage!

And by firing up your fear!

And by fomenting your desire!

And by feeding your ego!

And by fanning your suspicion!

And by nurturing your doubt!

And by making your confusion worse all the time.

And if I don’t get you one way, I will get you another way.

And I will wait and wait and wait.

And I will bide my time.

And if I don’t get all of you, I will get part of you.

Wa Laa Tajidu Aktharahum Shaakireen!

Not too many of you will make it back to your loving and merciful God!


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