How Messaging Generally Works:
In Worldly and Other-Worldly Matters [Quote – 969]

Jan 10, 2020

In all worldly and professional pursuits — journalism, advertising, public relations, politics, business, sales, marketing, propaganda — messages are generally sent out keeping Audience Needs, Choices and Preferences. 

That is why Audience Research is such an enormous enterprise in our society — American Society.

The focus often is on what the sender of the message has to offer the people who are supposed to be receiving the message.

Messages about Allah, Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, about Qur’an and about Islam are generally the opposite of this. 

They have generally nothing to offer what the audience may like. On the other hand, they also make all kinds of demands on the audience, with which the audience may or may not be ready and willing to comply. 

Islamic messages are always asking for things, not offering things like commercial messages do. Give us your time, they say. Part with your money, they say. 

Don’t blindly and impulsively follow the bidding of your heart, they say. 

And they say, don’t foolishly pursue every pleasure that comes your way.

And they say, first of all, you have to make all kinds of sacrifices, and you have to put up with all kinds of hardships. And then, they say, in return, you can have all kinds of fun and joy and excitement, as your reward, but for that you will have to wait a lifetime, in fact you will have to wait till you die.

Try selling that thing downtown. Any downtown anywhere. Or on the Internet. Or on TV or Radio.

Where is the surprise if most nice people listen to you politely and then turn and walk away?

That is just the nature of things, don’t you think?


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