How So-Called Islamic Work Works

Apr 23, 2016

How So-Called Islamic Work Works

Dr. Pasha

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Let us talk about how Islamic Work works. However you define it.

Let us talk about how "work," any work, works.

And let us assume that this writing thing we do is somehow Islamic Work.

Normally, one person writes, several people edit and revise and proofread. And they do it as a matter of course, not on a hit-and-run basis -- when and how their fancy takes them. 

They do it as part of their most important duties in life.

In other words, they never NOT do it.

And that means the moment a piece of writing is completed, and all these other people are able to have access to it, however they do it, they pounce on it and start to proofread it. 

They know that, from now on, they are the ones who are responsible for every letter, every punctuation mark and everything else in that piece of writing. 

If they do it, and do a good job, they, and all others, escape sin and responsibility before Allah. 

If they don't, they, and all others, are held accountable before Allah.

If one of them does it, that one person saves all. By that one person's minding the store, everyone escapes blame and responsibility. If no one does it, then, everybody shares the blame.

Logical and simple. It is called Fard Kifaayah. The point is, the job must be done, no matter who does it. And it must be done right.

And then there is another level of work that is involved in writing: research -- extensive; endless; painstaking research. 

Corporations and governments and universities have paid people to do this work. In the so-called Islamic Work, it is mostly we -- meaning, once again, each and every one of us: the ordinary people, who do this work. The research work I mean.

Even though, once resources become available, those engaged in the so-called Islamic Work must also have the best researchers -- a whole army of them -- on their payroll.

They need to find such people; train and educate such people; and recruit and induct them in their work and in their movement.

So, Islamic Work, so called, is no different from any other work. And the bottomline, as they say, is: It must be done well. It must be done the best.

And it must be done right.

That is the mandate from God Almighty: Do it the best way possible.

Ud'u Ilaa Sabeeli Rabbika Bil-Hikmati
Wal Mawu-i-zatil Hasanati.

Because that is what Islam is all about: Doing Things Perfectly

And doing them right.

That is: To the best of your ability.

And in accordance with Allah's laws and rules. And keeping within Allah's boundaries.

And that is how Muslims rose to the top: By taking Allah's system of Islam -- that is perfect in Heaven -- and making it work perfectly on earth.

The Jews consider themselves the Chosen People.

The Brahmans of India call themselves the best and Highest Born.

Muslims have no such Home Court Advantage. They only get what they earn: by their effort.

And that is the only way they are going to get anywhere -- now or at any point in future: By being the best of the best of the best.

In everything they do.


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