How to Deal with Shaitan [Quote – 835]

Jul 3, 2017

In dealing with Shaitan and his agents, the simple thing is this: 

Don’t have a wandering eye and a weak heart.

When Shaitan and his agents come calling, as they will every opportunity they get, and remember they will come bearing all kinds of attractive offers and gifts, just read: 

Aoodhu Billahis Samee-il Aleemi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem.

That is what Allah asks us in the Qur’an to do.

And tell them in simple English:


To talk to them, to engage with them, and to discuss things with them is to offer Shaitan and his progeny an invitation to enter. 

And that is all Shaitan wants: for the door to give just a little. He can then push it open all the way — before you even realize what has happened.


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