How We Came To Be:
An Explanation of Who We Are, and Why We Do What We Do, and Why We Do Them the Way We Do Them!

Jun 5, 2017

It is an unfolding at different times, and in different places, of the reality of how human beings have been most brutal and ruthless and unjust and cruel to each other. 

And the cure to all this? Nothing but Islam and Qur'an and Sirat Tayyibah

At IslamicSolutions.Com and Pasha Hour International, we have committed ourselves to Islam as a solution to the problems of the world because we have seen how all other proffered and attempted solutions have fallen short. 

And they all have fallen short for two main reasons. One, System Error and the other Operator Error.

Human solutions are imperfect and flawed and incomplete by definition and by their very nature. Being of human origin, they cannot be otherwise. For, just like the Bible says: To Err Is Human!

And that means anything that human beings create will always be error-prone. It will always be less than 100 percent. It will never be perfect.

This is the System Error part of the solutions human being invent.

The same way, human beings will be always fallible in all kinds of other ways. They will be victims of their own limited knowledge and understanding and of their own biases and prejudices. 

And, much more seriously, practically all of them are going to be ruled by their own Hawaa, as the Qur'an puts it: their own personal, political, social, economic agendas and self-interests and inclinations and pulls and leanings.

And many of them are going to be the playthings of Shaitan in ways we cannot even imagine, from being drunk half the time to being given to debauchery and drugs and to all other kinds of perversity they can pack into their short lifespans of threescore and ten. 

And many of them are going to be plagued by the seven deadly sins that the scripture so pointedly talks about. 

So, there, now do you understand why most human solutions don't work? It is Operator Error.

Where human solutions are concerned, System Error and Operator Error are the two reasons they fail. That is because they have problems at both theoretical as well as operational and practical levels.

Qur'an, on the other hand, is a direct instrument of divine will and it is perfect. As a result, the Qur'an is free from System Error!

Laa Rayiba Feehi

And Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, though a mortal, was purified and made as close to perfect as it was possible for any human to be. 

That was a divine mechanism God instituted to protect humanity from its own folly.

And when we say Islam, we do not mean the Islam of the Jama'at Tabligh. Nor, for that matter do we necessarily mean the Islam of Jama'at Islami or Ikhwan. Nor, Islam as it is filtered through the eyes of the Islamic clerical and priestly classes.

These Islamic organizations did yeoman work in the name of Islam. But Tableegh has more or less turned Islam into a cult. And their avoidance of all or most Ahaadeeth and Aayaat on the absolute supremacy and necessity of Ilm as education and knowledge and science is turning Muslim communities around the world into zombie ghettos.

I would rather not comment on Jama'at Islami and Ikhwan, except to say that the weakness of the Jama'at comes more from their ideological rigidity as well as their operational inflexibility and that of the Ikhwan from their inability to come to terms with the complexities and realities of the modern world. 

But who in their right mind can deny the enormous sacrifices these Muslim organizations and individuals associated with them have made in the name and service of Islam, especially the Jama'at Islami and much more so the Ikhwan?

So, the path forward is Islam. And nothing but Islam. 

Islam that is deeply and firmly rooted in the Qur'an and the Sunnah, but Islam which also knows how to deal successfully with the demands of the world in which it exists and operates.

For, to try to understand or practice Islam without understanding the world and learning to deal with it is only possible inside a laboratory or a mosque or a test tube, and not in the real world.

That is why we took upon ourselves the role and the burden of delineating Islam to the modern world, both Muslim and non-Muslim, one concept at a time, using mainly the Qur'an as our source, whether it is through our website IslamicSolutions.Com or through our weekly radio program Pasha Hour International

Because, if the world understands what Islam is, it will at least have an opportunity to make up its mind what to do with it.


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