Hurting for Resources:
Even When They Are Buried Under a Glut of Resources [Quote – 955]

Aug 22, 2019

Muslims, Good Muslims that is, seem to be always hurting for resources and numbers. But somehow that seems to be the nature of this Deen. That seems to be how this Deen works.

The funny thing is — it is really most tragic in fact — that this seems to be the case even when good Muslims are buried under a glut of swollen numbers and limitless resources. As is the case with 21st Century Muslims.

Their number is approaching a billion and a half. And their oil pretty much ran the world for nearly all of the last century. And their wealth spills around and fills the coffers of everybody everywhere.

But Good Muslims still hurt for resources and for numbers. It is almost as if Allah does not want them to depend on anything or anyone except himself. 

Others can have all they want: huge numbers, enormous wealth, every technical resource, everything. But Good Muslims shall have nothing but Allah.

In the Battle of Badr Muslims barely had any numbers. They were able to put together no more than a force of 313 souls. And barely a horse or two among them. And a handful of camels. And their weapons were nothing beyond their own personal swords.

But then they had something others did not have. They had Allah with them. And Allah went to do battle for them. And took entire battalions of angels with him. 

That is right. Hit me with all the Fatwas you wish. But that is what Allah says in the Qur’an. The whole battle was fought by him. And he did all the shooting. And all killing on that day.

Who do you think won the day in that battle — the Battle of Badr?

Should Good Muslims be unhappy with this situation? I am not, even though it hurts like Whatever. And I am not even a Good Muslim to be included in that statement.


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