If Only Muslims Got Their Act Together! [Quote - 607]

Sep 12, 2015

To all those people who keep asking what is wrong with the world, my advice is simple and direct: Look to Muslims!

Check to see what the Muslims are up to. See how Muslims are behaving. And see in what state the Muslims are and what is happening to the Muslims.

For, as the Muslims are, and as the Muslims behave, so will the world be.

And, put somewhat differently, as the world treats Muslims, so will God treat the world. For, Muslims, in a manner of speaking, are the barometer for God's world. That means as the Muslims are, so would the world be.

Kuntum Shu-ha-daa-a Alannaas, says the Qur'an.

Paraphrase and extrapolation:

You, Believers and Muslims! 
You are the keepers and guardians of the world.
You will provide testimony on the state of the world.
And on the behavior of the people.

And for everyone who wants a better world, my suggestion is don't forget Muslims are your Go-To People for a better world. 

For, if the Muslims only got their act together, both in terms of how the world treats them as well as how they treat the world, this world would be a vastly different place compared to the kind of world it is right now.


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