If Your Computer Eats It, Recreate It [Quote – 825]

May 27, 2017

If you know anything about computers — and who in this world doesn’t? — you should know that your computer will eat what you put on it. It will make it disappear. And it has a thousand ways of doing it.

What you should do from day one is learn to save and copy and store away in all kinds of places, including USBs, the material you put on the computer. 

This should be the first thing you do and the first thing you learn.

And then, even if you think something is irrevocably lost, such as a list of your area’s or your country’s or the world’s mosques and Islamic Centers and such, how hard is it for you to sit down for a few hours or for a few days and weeks and do the research all over again and recreate that list?

This is not Rocket Science, is it? 

Or is it Brain Surgery?


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