Imagine a Household That Lives Right in the Heart of Islam –
And Does Not Know It! [Quote – 903]

Jan 24, 2018

Imagine a household!

Imagine a household in which:

The father works hard to provide for the family;
The daughter works hard to give herself the best education she can;
And the mother works hard to keep the entire household running as smoothly as possible.

Imagine such a household.

And then ask yourself: How far can such a household be from Islam?

From Islam – from that most amazing system of belief and behavior that God himself calls by that name Islam?

A system of life that God Almighty sent down into this world to help human beings live a good life on earth, both as individuals and as families. And as groups, collectives and societies.

All you need to do thereafter is throw in some other fundamentals of Islam in this equation such as the ones below and you have built a solid foundation of Islam around such a household:

Belief in one God;
Belief in Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as the last and final messenger of God;
Not the only messenger, but the last and final messenger of God on earth;
Belief in the Qur’an as God’s full and final guidance to humanity;
Belief in all of God’s Prophets and Messengers and Books;
And belief in the Day of Judgment as a reality and a certainty.

After then, all that remains to be attended to are some practical requirements of daily living such as:

Prayers or Salaat;
And fasting or Siyaam;
And cleanliness or Tahaarah;
And Pilgrimage or Hajj;
And, then, a lifelong commitment to struggle in the path of Allah for Truth and for Justice and Equality and Liberty and Dignity for all — Jihaad.

You do all that and you have gotten yourself as complete a picture of Islam as you may wish. 

Imagine such a household and then ask yourself: How far can such a household be from God and from Islam?


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