In Everything,
Doing Your Best, and Keeping the Perspective, Is How You Work for Allah! [Quote - 613]

Oct 20, 2015

When it comes to Working for Allah, the question is one of perspective, and not so much whether or not anyone is doing enough.

In life, there will always be that tension between the "extreme ideal" -- the way things should really be done and the "actual and practical."

We are always supposed to do the best possible -- in everything. But that "best" is always modulated by the actual circumstances of life in which we live and work.

For long, the following two aayats of the Qur'an have helped me find my way forward:

1. "Fear Allah the way he should be feared." 

That is one Aayat.

Ittaqullaha Haqqa Tuqaatihi.

Now which one of you ladies and gentlemen wants to tell me how exactly that is done: "Fearing Allah the way he should be feared?"

2. Then, just when you thought life had become impossible, and you are sitting there and wondering how on earth are you ever going to be able to take your next breath, and fear Allah the way he should be feared, along comes this other Aayat Karimah to your rescue:

Ittaqullaha Mastata'tum!

"Fear Allah the best you know how -- and the best you are able to."

Working for Allah then becomes a question of perspective. It becomes a matter of how you prioritize things in your own mind -- and in your life.

The thing to do then is to put Allah and his Work first. 

And to do everything keeping Allah and his Work as the backdrop of all your actions in life -- from the smallest to the biggest.

Maybe it is then that Allah turns even your limitations and weaknesses, not to say your failures and bad deeds, into good deeds. Allah then rewards you based on the best you did and drops from the scale all else.

Ulaa-ika Yubaddilullahu Sayyi-aatihim Hasanaat.

Wa La-Najziyannahum Ajrahum Bi-Ahsani Maa Kaanoo Ya'maloon!

Now, which one of you wants to tell me that this Qur'an is NOT from Allah?

And that Allah is not Ghafoorur Raheem?


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