India Burning

Dec 18, 2019


India Burning

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)

Kashmir is under lock and key for five full months. Eight million (8,000,000) Kashmiris are facing immediate and ongoing Genocide and Extermination. 

And the world has gone blind. 

The United Nations has gone blind. And the World Media have gone blind. 

And the keepers of World Conscience and the Godfathers of Democracy and Human Rights such as the United States, Britain and France have all gone blind.

As for all the petty dictators, tyrants and kinglets from around the Muslim world, they have not gone blind, they were born blind -- and deaf and dumb as the Qur'an puts it.

Summum Bukmun umyun fahum la yarji'oon

They are the Mummified Dead and Undead in the pocket of their former and new Colonial Masters and Minders, who are brought back to life as their Masters see fit, to do their Masters' Bidding to drive a new nail in the coffin of a Muslim Ummah on deathbed.

It is as well that they are that way. For, they are in no way a part of the solution to the Kashmir Crisis, but they are in fact at the root of that problem. 

Like many if not most other problems.

Most likely, the Ruling Fascists of India such as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Police Minister Amit Shah had sought -- and received -- prior assurances from the more prominent of these thugs with Muslim names that they will not say a word if India went ahead and annexed Kashmir and imposed a Permanent Curfew on its people. 

And they will also look the other way when India started its carefully planned Genocide of the Kashmiri People.   

So, the Indian Fascists went ahead, posted a military force of nearly a million and ceremonially declared the Disputed Kashmir Region part of India.

The Deaf, Dumb and Blind of the world remained deaf, dumb and blind.

Just then India's Supreme Court, which at one time had a stellar reputation as an impregnable bastion of justice, caved to the Fascist pressure and ruled that it could find no proof that a mosque in which Muslims had been worshipping for the past 500 years was really a mosque and ordered the Muslims to surrender their mosque and go take their worship and their prayers elsewhere.

The Deaf, Dumb and Blind of the world saw nothing, heard nothing, and, of course said nothing.

The Fascists saw their chance and decided to strike one final blow to finish off the Muslims of India. 

They had been planning for this for a long time. Muslims to them were foreigners, invaders and conquerors. And they had lorded it over the Hindus of India for over 1000 years. It was now time for the Final Solution to the Muslim Problem.

A La Hitler and the Nazis.

Muslims of India must be exterminated, they said to themselves. 

The same Fascists had soon after Independence killed Gandhi in a public meeting in broad daylight for the crime of saying Muslims, even after partition, were equal citizens of India.

Now was their chance, they said to themselves. We have taken Kashmir, locked up 8,000,000 Kashmiris, no one said anything. 

We have the Supreme Court in our pocket, they said to themselves. And we own the parliament with an unbeatable majority, they said to themselves. Now therefore, they said to themselves, is the time to strike that Final Blow. Pass a Bill that will take citizenship rights away from the Muslims for good.

Declare Muslims non-citizens and stateless and set them up for dehumanization, deportation, extermination and Genocide. India's Muslim Problem was solved forever.

If Muslims of Spain could be exterminated, deported and subjected to Genocide after an 800-year history and rootedness in that land, why can't we apply the same model to the Muslims of India with their 1000-year presence in India, they said to themselves.

They introduced the Citizenship Bill in Parliament, had it passed with a thumping majority, and had it signed into Law by their Fascist President.

The bill was a work of art, albeit diabolical, fiendish art. Hitler and the Nazis themselves could not do it better. The Bill -- later Act -- said in effect that Non-Muslims can have citizenship in India, but not Muslims.

Things were not only clear and in the open now, they were the Law of the Land. From now on, that is how things will be in India. India now was a Land of the Hindus, for and by the Hindus. 

And Muslims had no place in India.

And Muslims must leave India or face extermination and genocide.

Fascism roared in India from the rooftop. And not a whimper could be heard from the Deaf, Dumb and the Blind of the world.

But the Muslims of India reacted, mostly Muslim University Students.

Muslim students of Aligarh Muslim University held a protest March. Police entered the University and unleashed a reign of terror on the protestors. President of Student Government took a direct hit on his chest by a tear gas grenade and is fighting for his life.

Muslim students from Islamic National University in Delhi came out in protest and were brutalized by the Police with a large number of students injured and some of them killed.

But this time the worm of India's patience turned. Other universities in the capital city of New Delhi joined the protests. Delhi burned.

And so did the Eastern regions of Assam, Nagaland and Manipur. 

India burned. And the military was everywhere.

More and more Hindus broke their silence and came out in support of Muslim Citizenship rights.

Chief Ministers of Capital City of Delhi and the State of Bengal refused to implement the Bill in their states and challenged the Federal Government of Fascists Modi and Shah to deal with them.

The Deaf, Dumb and Blind still remained silent. But the rest of the world began to rub its eyes and stir in its sleep.

World Genocide Watch issued fresh warning of an Impending Genocide of Muslims in India. 

According to news reports, India was burning.


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