Islam and Muslims in This World — 
And in The Next World!

Apr 23, 2018


Islam and Muslims in This World — 
And in The Next World!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

Muslims are the most amazing people on earth. They are blessed by God — otherwise they would not be Muslim. 

Simple as that.

For, to come to Islam from a non-Muslim background, or to be born as a Muslim to Muslim parents, is a blessing that nothing in this world can match.

And the bottomline is this: 

They — I mean the Muslims — are Paradise-Bound, period. They are hurtling along on their bumbling path to Jannat. As sure as Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs at the estuaries of their own hatching. And as sure as Tundra Swans take to their sweeping white wings to head North from their winter home in the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

So also are Muslims on their inexorable retreat march to their original home Paradise. Life for them, during the life of their father Adam, Alaihis Salam, the father of the entire human race, started from the lovely and fragrant vistas of Paradise. And it is that perfumed air that now beckons to them to return back home.

And Muslims are the ones who said “Yes” to this primordial call. So, they are going to Paradise. While the rest of the folks may be loitering right here on earth and, unless they change course, and change themselves, may eventually be headed to their appointed place in Hell.

Muslims, such as they are at any age and in any place, are the fulfillment of a promise God made to Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam: that his followers will somehow end up in Jannat.

Paradise that is!

And that Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, will be pleased and satisfied with the way God Almighty treats and deals with his Ummat — Nation of Followers — on the Day of Judgment.

That is why in Islamic Culture and Literature, Muslims are frequently referred to as Ummat Marhoomah: A Blessed Nation Whose Sins Are Forgiven by God.

All this is after death of course — after the Muslims die and go to meet their Master.

And, do understand this clearly, all this is with regard to things that pertain to the relationship between them, the Muslims, and God Almighty. But this does not offer Muslims blanket amnesty for sins and transgressions they may commit against their own fellow-human beings — Muslim and Non.

This is an important distinction that most people in this world, both Muslims and non-Muslims, do not seem to grasp. 

And it was failure to understand this that set many in the Christian Nations of the world on a world rampage and recklessness over the past 500 years with a sense of impunity and perfect insensitivity to the havoc they were unleashing on the lands, waters, trees, animals and peoples of this planet. 

In this world, however, there are no guarantees. Whether it is for Muslims or for non-Muslims. For, this world is a world of action and effort, of constant striving and endeavor. And it is not a world of instant reward and swift punishment, based on our own human calculus. 

And this world is a world of Cause and Effect. That means, for all human beings, regardless of their faith or belief and what people call “Religion,” things in this world will generally turn out proportional to the motivation level they possess, the effort they put in and the resources they bring to bear.

And of course these outcomes will be influenced and modulated by larger external forces and efforts that others are capable of directing their way in the furtherance of their own interests.

This is an immutable fact of human life on earth. You may call it God’s Iron Law of Cause-and-Effect!

And that is because God is a God of Mercy — and Justice

And God’s Playing Field in this world is a perfectly level one: more level than any other playing field on earth.

The Laws of Nature, as it were, that God put in place in this world to run his world — and that he called by the collective name of Islam on a basic and broad universal level — work equally for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.

Food will nourish all equally. Water will quench everybody’s thirst, without subjecting anybody to a “Religious” test. And poison will kill all. And a fall from a great height will break everyone’s bones, regardless of whether the person falling is a Muslim or a non-Muslim or a good or a bad person.

That is the Law of Nature. Meaning, that is God’s Law in this world.

And that is Islam, the way it manifests itself in the working of this universe.

If Muslims have an elected, accountable form of government to run their affairs, its positive impact will show in their political, economic and social life. 

And if Muslims choose to live under tyrants and dictators, the effects of that too will be visible for all to see.

If Muslims elect idiots and crooks as their leaders, they would soon reap the fruits of what they have sown. And if Muslims, on the other hand, run fair and free democratic elections, and install in positions of power honest, smart and hardworking leaders who are transparent and accountable to the Electorate, the results of that too will be clear to all.

In fact in some of those cases, their enemies, and the enemies of God, all around them will gang up on them and will try to wipe out Honest and Fearless Muslim Elected Governments wherever and however they can.

And they will use brute force and unlimited treasures, and all kinds of vile and baseless propaganda and lies, to smear Good and Capable Democratically Elected Muslim Leadership and achieve their evil purposes of wiping out an honest, efficient and duly elected and lawful Muslim government, and thus returning the hapless Muslim masses to their prior life of bondage and servitude, often under brute and corrupt dictators with Muslim names who in reality are under the thumb and on the payroll of these foreign masters.

History of the Muslim people and lands over the past 150 years speaks volumes about this fact and provides any number of names of these corrupt Muslim dictators on foreign payrolls, whether they are from a civilian, military or royal background. 

Just check out, one by one, the history of governments and rulers in all the Muslim countries and lands you can find over the past century and a half, and you will know who was who, and who did what, and who was planted by what Foreign Power to terrorize and brutalize the Muslim masses under their control.

No, can’t do it? How about if I got you started and then you do the rest of the navigation of this Putrid Swamp of Muslim History Under Alien Foreign Domination and Control of the past couple of centuries on your own? 

Or, on second thought, maybe you should do this whole thing on your own. It is good exercise for you. For your brain as well as for your soul. After all, we all do have a soul of some kind, do we not? So, it is good for your Iman to engage in this exercise.

The way these ruthless Foreign Powers did away with the democratically elected government of Dr. Mosaddeq in Iran in 1953 — through a Coup d’etat — and installed a barbaric dictator in its place called the Shah or the King

And the way they did away with the democratically elected government of Dr. Morsi in Egypt in 2013 — also through another Coup d’etat, exactly 60 years later, and installed a brutal and barbaric military dictator in his place.

Some or many of these Enemies of Islam and Muslims, and Enemies of God, will come from their own ranks — from among Muslims I mean. And they will carry Muslim names just like the rest of the Muslims. 

They will look like Muslims and some of them may even pray and fast and do other Islamic “Rituals” — at least in public — just like the rest of the Muslims.

But they will team up with powerful non-Muslim enemies of Islam and Muslims from foreign lands to defeat and destroy Islam and Muslims and to dismantle democratically elected Muslim governments in Muslim Lands everywhere.

And these Muslim traitors will be doing their betrayals of Islam and Muslims, and of their own people and lands, in the service of their powerful Non-Muslim Foreign Masters, who cannot accept or tolerate honest and capable democratically elected independent governments in Muslim lands.

For, then these Non-Muslim Foreign Masters, Minders and Handlers of Domestic Muslim Traitors, could not continue to plunder and pillage Muslim wealth and resources with impunity and exploit and dominate and enslave Muslim lands and peoples for their own nefarious national, racial, religious — and strategic and military — purposes.

It is all as simple and as clear as that!


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