Islam and the Human Thought Process
Under a Professional Mowlana Class and Charlatan Relief Fundsters [Quote – 992]

Mar 8, 2020

Islam is a Thinking Man’s Deen. And, of course, a Thinking Woman’s.

And that is where today’s big Muslim Disconnect is: with Reality as well as with Islam, which, really, is one and the same thing.

Muslims, today, and they have been that way for a long time, will do anything for Allah and his Deen, except one thing: Think.

Muslims have neither the inclination, nor the tools, to engage in serious thinking about Islam, Muslims and the World.

Muslims are not interested in engaging in serious thought process about questions such as: What exactly is going on in the world today? 

Who is doing what to whom, meaning mostly to Muslims, and why — and how? 

And who is aiding and abetting in whatever is being done to the Muslims?

And then, beyond that, Muslims cannot engage in serious and systematic thinking about such things as: What does Allah’s Deen Islam have to say about any of this? 

And why is there such a visible disconnect between Muslims and Allah’s promise of help?

Didn’t Allah make a commitment in the Qur’an to help the Muslims?

Qur’an Karim:

Kaana Haqqan Alainaa Nasrul Mu’mineen?


It is incumbent upon us to help the Believers.

You can fuss all you want about the distinction between Muslims and Mu’mins. But all it will tell anyone is that you are still not serious. You are just kicking the can down the road, and not facing the real issues.

In part, this is so because Muslim Leadership, for the most part, is saturated by a Professional and Mercenary Mowlana Class of the lowest denominator, both in terms of intellectual caliber and personal character.

You can call it Ta’leem and Tazkiyah if you wish.

Or, on the other side of this coin, the Muslims are mostly gullible and well-meaning pawns in the hands of a generally Western-educated charlatan class, who also have turned Islam and Muslims into an easy and convenient breadbasket in the name of this or that Relief Fund.

And since there is no dearth of Muslim calamities and tragedies around the world, Muslim Relief Business is booming.

Not, in some ways, unlike the multibillion dollar Halal Industry.

Any wonder then that the Muslim Goose is cooked to a very nice pulp, the way it is?


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