Islam Came to Change Things [Quote – 536]

Apr 12, 2014

Islam came to change things. Not to follow everything that everyone else does.

At the same time, Islam retained and reinforced the things people were doing that were right. 

And that were good.

Islam changed and corrected those things that were not right. And that were not good.

The difference was careful thought and deliberation. 

And systematic analysis and study.

One worldly test Allah provided people to decide what was right or wrong, and what was good or bad, was how useful that thing was for people and their well-being in this world.

The Qur’an says:

Ammaa Maa Yanfa’un Naasa Fa-Yamkuthu Fil-Ard.


“That which benefits people, stays on earth.”

How simple and yet how profound!


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