Islam Does Not Change [Quote – 575]

Sep 23, 2014

What people need to understand is Islam and Islamic Work — Working for Allah that is — does not change. Or is it “do” not change?

Islam remains the same for ever and ever and ever. 

How can it be otherwise, when it is a reflection and manifestation in the real world of the infinite and timeless attributes of Allah?

That is true of Islamic work — Working for Allah — as well, in some very important ways.

But here is the difference. 

While Islam is directly from Allah (Good reason why it does not and cannot change, right?) Islamic Work (Working for Allah), on the other hand, is the application of Islam to human situations mediated by human beings and agencies in ever-changing space-time configurations.

This means those Working for Allah, or those engaged in Islamic Work as they say, must be constantly in touch with reality, and in tune with the changes taking place in the world, around them. 

And they must continually monitor their work and its effectiveness, and its usefulness in relation to the goals they set out to achieve. And introduce the changes they must in their methods and approaches, based on the results of their evaluation of their work.

In a sense, this is the essence of Islam: setting goals; specifying methods; mobilizing resources; monitoring progress; ongoing evaluation. 

Islam called it Ihtisaab. If Muslims by and large are oblivious of it or indifferent to it, who is to blame?


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