Islam Is a Movement [Quote – 678]

Apr 20, 2016

Yes, Islam is a movement.

And it is a lifelong commitment — until death doth take us away from this world, while still chanting Allah’s name, and inviting all and sundry to Allah, and teaching the world everything good and nice we can. 

And holding the banner of Islam high.

That is Islam. And it is a movement. With all the mechanisms of organizing and choreographing and training sent down by Allah from Heaven. 

From Namaz (Salaah) to Roza (Siyaam) to Hajj to Zakat to Amr Bil Ma’roof to Nahy Anil Munkar!

And continuing, non-stop Da’wah: Go to people and call them, invite them, take the message to them.

They all came from Allah — in the Qur’an.

All we need to do is translate these divine concepts and practices in human terms to make them all happen on earth.


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