Islam Is a Record That Is Played Over and Over [Quote - 504]

Feb 19, 2014

Islam is a message from God Almighty to all of humanity. And to all the universe.

And that message is summarized in the four words of La Ilaha Illa Allah -- There Is No God but God!

And the other three words -- Muhammad Rasul Allah -- are an operationalization, a practical demonstration, of that concept.

In fact, the three words of Muhammad Rasul Allah are an entire Owner's Manual of the concept of La Ilaha Illa Allah: How to practice, use and live the concept and message of La Ilaha Illa Allah in one's life, in this world, at all individual and collective levels of human existence.

And among other things, for human beings, commitment to Islam requires an endless repetition and recitation of this message -- La Ilaha Illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah -- all the time in one's life.

And it is a record and a tape that is played over and over and over, from one end of the universe to the other, and from the beginning of time to the end. 

There is nothing broken about this record. It is the soundest thing there is.

Once it breaks, which it cannot, or its chanting by the universe ends, the world ends.


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