Islam Is about People! [Quote – 1039]

Jul 13, 2020

People, get this right. Islam is about people. When it is not about everything else.

And even when it is.

That means, with all the prayers and fasting and Hajj that you do — of course, no one talks about Zakat, so let us leave it alone, just to make Muslims feel good — you don’t even get to first base with Islam unless and until you worry about people.

People are one of God’s highest and finest creations. Worrying about them, caring about and for them, serving and helping them, is what Islam came into this world to do.

And stopping Zulm — injustice, cruelty, oppression, tyranny — in all forms is meant to make this earth of God a better place for people to live. 

All people.

And to fight for justice, truth, equality, peace, liberty, freedom and all that is simply the other side of the same coin of a Good Life for people on this earth.

Qur’an calls such a Good Life: Hayaat Tayyibah.

Being a Muslim, therefore, means caring for people and working to make life better for them: for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims. 

And for all of God’s Creation on Earth.

Allah calls it in the Qur’an being his Managers and Representatives — Khalifah — on earth.

Innee Jaa’ilun Fil Ardi Khalifah.

And Namaz and Roza and all the other stuff is to fit you with all the qualities of heart, mind, body and soul needed to perform this job in the best possible manner.

And Zakat — which Muslims would prefer not to talk about — is a big part of bringing about Economic and Social Justice on Earth.

So, to go through the motions of prayers and fasting and all that and not to care about people — and about each other — is a joke: albeit a very cruel and a very dangerous one.

Believers are Brothers, says the Qur’an, making the whole deal crystal clear.

Innamal Mu’minoona Ikhwah.



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