Islam is about Respecting Authorship [Quote – 699]

Jun 15, 2016

My humble request to one and all is: If they are not my words, do not associate them with me and my work.

And always resist the temptation to change something I may have said or written and then put my name on it. No matter how foolish, or wrong, or stupid my words may sound to you.

The proper way — the Islamic way; the Western way; the civilized way — of doing things is to first cite accurately what I may have said or written and then to criticize or attack it or to agree with it.

This was the way of our Aslaaf.

What goes for me also goes for all others — Muslim or non-Muslim.

It is to teach these things that Islam came into the world. And this is how the civilized world operates today.

Anything else is intellectual dishonesty. And it is not Islam.

And it is a product of flawed character. 

And, make no mistake, a cause for the downfall of Islam and Muslims.


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