Islam Is about Staying Put [Quote – 697]

Jun 15, 2016

Islam is about constancy and consistency.

We keep reciting the same kalimah: La Ilaha Illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah!

We keep doing Wudu the same way.

And we perform our Salah the same way.

It makes sense that, within certain limits, our work also should be about constancy and consistency. 

With regard to the new ideas concerning World Day of Fast, I did not check anything. I do not know what is what. But I repeat what I have always said: Everything we do and say must be within the confines of www.IslamicSolutions.Com

To the extent this is technically feasible and achievable. 

And to the extent it is pragmatically considered the best. “Pragmatically” meaning from the point of view of results and outcomes.

It seems to me, there is neither any sense, nor any need, nor any utility, for stepping out of IslamicSolutions and for creating new identities.

On the other hand, the perils of splintering could be many.

So, you want to do something “new,” just add it to www.IslamicSolutions.Com — to the extent it is feasible to do so.

Just plain change the dates on the call for World Day of Fast.

And for all other “Days” that we have on our list.

And that means someone — all of us, some more than others — monitoring those things and keeping abreast of them. That is what our job is.

And keep doing that for the next 100 years — but do so in a timely fashion.

And without too much prompting from too many people.

And without placing on the leadership the burden for monitoring and executing even the most minute mechanical details of what gets posted on the website.

That energy and that time can and should be more productively focused in areas that really need the urgent attention of our leadership.

Otherwise, this is called distraction: taking our eyes off the ball. It is shifting our focus from the really important things to other less important and less urgent things. 

And distraction is one of Shaitan’s favorite tools and Shaitan is a master of it.


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