Islam Is All about Helping Others.
But It Is Also, as It Should Be, about Fixing What Is Broken! [Quote – 1078]

Dec 24, 2020

Refugees, refugees, refugees, everywhere. And not enough people to help. And not enough resources to go around.

And most of those refugees today, December 2020, are most likely Muslims.

And reasons are not far to find. 

One after another, Muslim countries and societies, torn to shreds, bombed to dust, by themselves and by others. 

If this will not result in millions upon millions of Muslim Refugees Filling God's Earth Everywhere, what will it result in?

Muslims, good and compassionate and God-fearing Muslims, rush to help. As they should.

But being Muslim also is being smart. So, at some point, someone should ask: How many refugees would you help? 

And feed? 

And shelter? 

And comfort?

At some point, someone needs to ask: Where is all this water coming into the house from? What is the source of this Deluge of Refuge?

Someone needs to ask: Where is the Leak?

And then, smart people, while continuing to Bail Out the Water, pail after pail, must also look for the Source.

If it is an Open Faucet, Shut it.

If it is a LeakPlug it.



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