Islam Is Asking Questions [Quote – 559]

Aug 10, 2014

Pasha Hour International of August 5, 2014, talks about the importance of asking questions. It says Islam came to teach people to think.

And to ask questions.

It says what people call “Religion” generally discourages people from thinking. 

And from asking questions.

But Islam does the opposite. It insists that people learn to think and to ask questions.

The Qur’an seems to suggest — often quite strongly — that thinking and reasoning and understanding are the pathways to Paradise.

The Qur’an emphasizes the importance of the role of thinking in human life so much and so repeatedly that it may not be an exaggeration to refer to it as a Manual of Thinking and Asking Questions.

Or simply as a Manual of Human Thought.

The Qur’an seems to suggest — and quite clearly and strongly — human success and salvation, both in this world as well as in the next world, depend on the ability to think, to reason, to ask probing questions and to make sound judgments. 

In doing this, the Qur’an takes the exact opposite path to what most people in this world refer to as “Religion.

Is it a surprise then that what people call “Religion” is from people — meaning it has an entirely human source, as it is mostly a human creation or artifact — whereas the Qur’an — and Islam — has an entirely divine origin?

And they are — Qur’an and Islam both — directly from God and not a product of the human mind.

How much clearer can it get?


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