Islam Is Both Theory and Practice

Feb 5, 2024

Islam Is Both Theory and Practice

Dr. Pasha – Dec 19 2023

Every additional minute that can be made available for Jumu’ah Khutbah can be useful. 

For, Khutbah means “Speech.” And Khateeb means “Speaker.”

Neither more, nor less.

Islam, like much else in life, is both Theory and Practice

Most Muslims, however, are almost totally focused on what they consider to be Practice, and very little, if at all, on “Theory.”

Most Muslims may not be even aware that there may be such a thing as “Theory” in Islam.

And there are not too many people around who can address the Theory Question in Islam withe any level of authority or to any satisfying degree.

That is a very important reason why Muslims are in the kind of mess they are.

And why the world is in the kind of mess it is.

For, as Muslims are, so also the World will be.


Husain Pasha

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